The Writer

At age 10, May began writing her first novel after she went on a group trip to a museum. It was about a female butcher who stalked and murdered her boyfriends past lovers in gruesome ways. It was never finished, and luckily never illustrated. 

Flash forward, May now writes screenplays, cabarets, short films, music and childrens' books. She won an honourable mention for her script "RACE" at the Stranger With My Face Festival and is currently writing a Comedy Inc type sketch show for children.  


Excerpts of May's writing can be viewed below. You can also read the first four books from the Marvin and Maude Travel Bugs series. 

Travel Bugs


Based on the real life travel adventures of two best friends.

Follow our travel bugs, Marvin and Maude, as they explore the world.

Writing Samples

Short: Race

There is murder at the Royal Lightning Ridge Goat Races.

2017 Honourable Mention (Stranger With My Face International Film Festival)

Fresh Off the Boat Episode: Same Same But Different

Emery finds more supporting details to prove he is adopted.

2017 Entrant (Nickalodean Writing Challenge)

Southpark Episode: Their Time Is Up

Everyone in town wakes up female, but who is to blame?

2018 Entrant (Nickalodean Writing Challenge)

Short Skit: Hostage

Two women, one kidnapping and a pair of heels missing.

Short: Toots & Ted

Two unlikely friends meet on a park bench.