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The Highs and Lows of May

Dear friends and family,

Some ups and downs this month of May. But let's start with the sunshiny bits!

A major up was my trip to Brisbane where I saw Guy Sebastian perform. Back in 2020, I won tickets to his concert and I was so glad that he recovered from Covid and made time outside of his ex-manager's court case to come up to Brisbane and do the show for me. Cheers Guy! I will never regret voting for you on Idol.

I also had my flood-postponed 30th birthday party! Unfortunately, however, it also flooded when I arrived in Brisbane... so I was very lucky that the rain held off enough for me to celebrate my third decade with friends and family. Thank you to all the wonderful humans that joined me and celebrated. Shout out to Irena for the karaoke gear, Jess for the amazing graduation hat cake, and the Grehan clan for dealing with my party stress pre and post party. My wish for my thirties is to finish my degree, find a catch of a man, and raise some very kind children.

Some other highlights this month were housesitting Albie in Summer Hill, starting to work again as a nanny with the Juggle Street app, volunteering for Girl Guides and showing my brother my favourite beach in Sydney.

In sad news, my love interest has lost interest. It’s been really difficult opening myself up to someone the last few months but after the Brisbane trip, I really felt like I was getting somewhere or at least was willing to try a lot harder. So poop.

Movies I’ve watched last month include The Northman (holy guac… it’s intense), The Duke (very good), How to Please a Woman (funniest bits are in the trailer), West Side Story (this was so good… I wish I saw it in the cinema when it came out), Top Gun (great) and Top Gun Maverick (how dare they not wear helmets while riding motorcycles).

Books I read include Heartstopper (guessed the ending) and I started the first novel from The Expanse series on my road trip down to Sydney.

See you in June. May xx

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