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Late-Twenties Here I Come!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Dear March,

Thanks for getting me into the final stages of my 20's. No sarcasm there. Just very excited to be so much closer to being 30 and having accomplished so much by then that I can be so proud of what I've accomplished so far (by the time I'm 30).

Let's be real, a lot of my close friends have already celebrated their 30th's and a lot of the people I aspire to be like are much older too. I think it is so exciting that I get to be one of those people in just a few short years. I'm 26, living in Toronto and am about to have a finished feature film under my belt. I'm doing just fine.

If you must ask, I spent the most glorious four days (an additional fourth day because of a hectic snowstorm) in New York. The first time I was in New York was the worst, my best friend and I were fighting after spending six months together travelling and then I was kicked out of the apartment I was staying in because I was "ungrateful". This time, I stayed with another best friend of mine, we watched a musical, we visited MnM world (again) and I got up close and personal with the Statue of Liberty (but not that close because only rich people go up into the crown). It just made me realise that no matter how unlucky in love or slow my career is going, I have the most wonderful friends and family a girl could ask for. I love you guys.

Back to acting news, so I did my first short film in Toronto. That I got paid for!!! Who knew that even happened!?! But I worked on a film titled "Trend". A film about the lengths the fashion industry will go to for the next big thing. I had a blast being the most "Elisabeth Banks in Pitch Perfect" host I could be and met some pretty rad people. Here is the poster - and Mark Wahlberg talking about the film (which may or may not be photoshopped by someone who can do that). Directed by Sean Wever and starring yours truly. I'll give you more information when I have it. Last week, I scored my second short film (also paid - what is this crazy world), about life in this online/ mobile-friendly dating world. It is hilarious. I don't think I should say that much yet because I kind of want this to be a funny surprise but I'll give you a little taste of what to expect. It involves a Catfish. That shoots in early April.

Other than that, I self-taped an audition for my agent this month - CALM DOWN EVERYONE - it was for a waitress role. And I've been submitting for other paid gigs via Mandy and EBOSS.

I've also been working a heap. But let me tell you world, Australia has it good. Taxes are included in your products, so you are paying the price you see on the sticker and your wage is so good there. I work five days a week, full-time hours, and I am so poor. Like I've never had a credit card before and I got one and now I am heavily relying on it to get me through from one pay check to another. So yeah, don't move. Or save up way more than I did, so you can move comfortably.

I don't think there is much more to update you on. I'm poor, but happy and when I finally have enough money, I am buying a green screen, studio lights and I am getting started on my next kids adventure: Kidzkit - Skits for Kids. Woohoo!

Much love, Late-Twenties May

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