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Twenty Five, Broke and Back Home

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

I know what you are thinking… that’s a pretty sad title for a blog May. And I agree with you. Great minds think alike.

It's my birthday month and it has been an emotional one so far. I thought I was doing well after moving back home to Brisbane. Sure, I haven't had a consistent income since December which was a looming threat. But I was happy, settled and have friends and family to support me. But on the 9th of March, on my 25th year, it all came crashing down when I had to get my car serviced, had to pay a sound editor and had to pay two weeks rent. Let's just say the $700 in my bank account wasn't enough. So there I was... an independant, hard-working and very proud individual since I got my first job as a waitress at age 14. To today... dependant, in debt and jobless. So how am I this month? Twenty Five, Broke and Back Home.

It's not all that bad! Needing the funds forced a loan from my parents which meant I could get the ball rolling on sound for ZOMBIE BRO! Yay!!! So that's good news! Our sound editor, Oscar Jemmott, has begun the incredible task of getting the film to sound tip-top and our music composer, Coleman Grehan, is also tapping away on his computer-keyboard making some original beats for the film. It's a slow process, but I guess that is micro-independent filmmaking at it's finest.

I've finished up Tom McSweeney's Masterclass at The Warehouse Workshop on the Gold Coast. I hadn't done a masterclass since the start of 2015, so it was pretty odd getting back into the experience. For a girl who usually gets auditions for the quirky and comical best friend, I got a lot of "you're coming off as a bitch" notes in the first few weeks. It was interesting... perhaps all my travels and love-scapades have turned me into a more well-rounded person that gives less fucks and now it shows in my work. Go me! Here's a self-test from the course I liked quite a lot. 

In writing news, I submitted a script to the Nickelodeon Writing Competition. It required you to write a 30 minute length TV episode from a selected list of shows. And of course I chose FRESH OFF THE BOAT... Kids Content, Asians, Comedy... that's kind of my thing. But on the topic of competitions, there are so many right now! SO MANY! There is one for female writers to write a 20 minute episode for the new ABC and Screen Australia Season of GIRLS. A show about the issues primary aged girls will experience growing up. And then there's the whopping $50,000 heading to one lucky female led production team thanks to The Big Pineapple Scheme. If there is anything else you hear about, please feel free to link it to me. Maybe I can use all my free time to get my writing off the ground.

Aside from my accomplishments, which are few, my friends are ripping the film industry to shreds at the moment. Mansoor Noor, is everywhere! His ABC iview show TRIP FOR BISCUITS just premiered, PROJECT EDEN just had it’s red carpet events and his Screen Australia funded show MUSTAFA NEEDS A WIFE is well under way. And then... there’s the legend herself, Claudia Pickering, that is on fire with Freshflix & Vivid and her film FRISKY being released all over the world. If you don’t know who Claudia is then do you even read my blogs? She’s the fabulous woman who took me under her wing and not only mentored me but helped me produce my first feature. And then... last but not least, my best friend in the whole wide world, Merryn McDonnell, is kicking goals left right and centre down in Melbourne with Syn Radio. You can hear her on The Naughty Rude Show, In Joke and Troll Foods

So although I may not be doing so well... rest assured my mates are. :)

See you in April friends and fans. xx

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