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Music, Meetups and Meows

It feels like only yesterday I was writing my goals on the back of my dad's political corflutes and here we are in October. Since my last post, I’ve done my first dose of Pfizer, submitted another film initiative, and submitted what feels like the millionth essay. I also managed to fit in a face painting gig, which is nice because I kind of miss the party life (ie making balloons and attending kids parties- not the other type of party life, which I never particularly enjoyed).

The biggest change over the past month is that one of my friends from work resigned. I miss her very much. She was a really hard worker who knew how to have a laugh and vent when days got stressful. Another reason I’m sad that she has gone is that I’ve now been put in charge of a room. I only work two days and am pretty fricken stressed out staying on top of the five units that I’m doing at uni, that this new responsibility has not been fun. I love my job and I love children but I feel like I’m failing them by not being there daily but two days is all I can do! I’m also a little stressed because I’ve informed management that I don’t feel comfortable with the heavier workload only to be told, “but you’re doing such a great job” and “just change your mindset”. Very frustrating indeed.

Moving on... my band has a gig! We are playing a 45-minute set along with several other bands at the Windsor Bowls club on the 24th of October. We are called ‘Ryan’s Road’ because that’s the road belonging to the studio garage we all met at and I’m super pumped to be performing in front of people again. One downer is the band leader is moving to the Sunshine Coast (good for him) and so my new band may be very short-lived unless someone fills his role. As you can tell, I’ve got far too many things on my plate right now and can only offer my singing services for the time being. If you’re around, why not book a day of bowls with your family and friends.

In other social news, I’ve been attending a meetup group that plays board games every two weeks or so. So far I’ve learnt how to play Dixit, Secret Hitler and a few other card games with plenty of inappropriate images or words attached to them. The last one I went to was on the weekend, and everything was hunky-dory until I asked a co-player where her accent was from- to which she responded “England” and then embarrassingly I instantly responded, “I dated a guy from England once”. Ladies and gentlemen, I am over it. When will my response to anything England-related stop relating back to a guy I once dated? Please god, let my natural response be, “I’ve travelled to England before” just like it used to be. Anyway... board games are great. I buy a new one for the family every Christmas.

My foster cat is up for adoption. I feel like I barely had that little cutie. When I brought him to the vet last, I was asked, “do you think he’s ready for adoption?” and I stupidly said “yes”. I could have kept him for a little while longer if I wasn’t so honest. The foster experience is awesome. Definitely sign up if you’re like me and can’t commit to a lifelong pal just yet. Good news relating to cats though... a friend of a friend is handing over her furry friends to me while she visits her parents back in France. I’ll be the lucky temporary owner of two beautiful cats by the end of October and I’ll be sure to post images on my Instagram for all to see.

Now I reflect on the books I read this month *silence* (I could tell you a lot about electronic monitoring and body-worn cameras though thanks to all the research I’ve read recently).

Movies I’ve watched this month were Jungle Cruise (meh), The Suicide Squad (appreciated the rodent representation), Joe Bell (weep fest), Raya and The Last Dragon (loved it), Guardians of the Galaxy (rewatched because it’s so great), and Central Intelligence (because I love a Kevin and Dwayne combo). I tried hard to smash through Sex Education with a friend but she’s got kids and a needy friend who required her to bleach and dye her hair grey all in one night (me). I’m only up to episode three but I have to wait for our next catch up as I do not have Netflix #budgeting #savings Lastly, in television news, I’m devastated King George did not win Survivor Australia. Hayley was a snitch and though she played well, my alliance lies with the cockroach from Bankstown.

Thanks for reading up until here, maybe if you’re lucky I’ll send you a Christmas card because of it.

Love May

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