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Second half of the year!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

It’s July! Hurrah! Here goes the second half of the year!

Well A LOT has happened to me in the last month or so. Not to do with Acting, more with my personal life (a boy). But I’m doing okay now, thanks to the guy who works downstairs who said ‘at least you're not pregnant’. Wise words Brendan. Wise words.

I did a few stints on the Roxbury Hotel's stage this month. First with The First Thursday Impro Club Jam on the 5th and then with Pete Lead on the Impro Arena stage as Team Spartacus & Sparticus. Hilarious show, have a listen to this recording of one of our scenes titled 'Both'.  I’ll be playing on the 9th July so come along. If you PM me you can get free tickets!!!

I had callback after callback after callback for an ABC3 show but alas didn’t get it. But such is life and don’t feel bad because I got free lunch and I got to meet Kayne Tremills. And if you are wondering… the GOATIE is GONE!

I entered The Actors Process & Freeing the Actors $5000 Scholarship. Thank you to everyone who supported by viewing it and apologies for the devoted few that kept refreshing the page to make more views, I don’t think that’s how Youtube counts things. But you guys are the best! Head over and like their Facebook & Twitter pages, Clare Elizabeth Dea interviews some great people in the industry.

Hung out with my agent Sean Hasemann from Natalie Hall Management when he visited Sydney and then did a scene with Eli King the following week. Here’s the video if you wanna take a peek. You can even get nit-picky on my American accent if you like.

Apart from all of that, I woke up one morning with a Zombie movie in mind so I am going to try and write a comic screenplay. No seriously. I know I was only a B girl in English but I get 10 out of 10 for being funny. So I’ll try.

I’m also doing the TAFTA National Acting Intensive this week. It was recommended to me by the wonderful Kym Jackson (Actor and author of The Hollywood Survival Guide for Actors). I get to hang out with the likes of Tom McSweeney, Dave Newman, Leigh Pickford & more all week. I’ll be wearing my contacts so I look extra special.

That’s it for now. Have a wonderful month, do your tax and remember ‘at least you're not pregnant’.

PS. If you are that’s great! Woohoo baby times!

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