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Quick Recap

Dear friends and family,

Sorry for the big gap between blogs, I’ve been pretty busy with study and four days of Social Work placement. This blog is just a quick rehash of September and October before it’s too late.

So in no particular order:

1) In the last two months I saw a lot of theatre thanks to my dear friends Irena and Sam (Stunt Double, There’s Something about Music, Bananaland, Gillian Cosgriff, Gershwin’s Ballet, etc). Thanks guys!!!

2) I saw two of my best friends welcome children into the world, on opposite sides of the world; Niall and Shekinah.

3) I re-entered the improvisation world by attending my first improv class since 2019. I went with Hannah, and we were very funny. Not sure if I have the stamina to commit to an Improv team again but it will happen one day!

4) I flew down to Sydney to apply for my student visa for my exchange in Michigan. It was approved! One step closer. While there, I spent a wonderful Saturday heading to the beach with Helen and checking out Burwood with Sharon. Merryn and I also booked out the whole Sunday so that we could watch all four Twilights – and we did!

Lastly and perhaps my favourite part, are the film and television I have been watching.

Movies were A Haunting in Venice (I thought this was the best out of the series), all the past Indiana Jones movies (Harrison Ford is so beautiful), The Grand Budapest Hotel (excellent), 12 Years a Slave (very good), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (ace), Hotel Transylvania 4 (the weakest of the series), The Little Mermaid (the remake - somehow better than the first time I saw it), all the Twilights (cringe – especially the Renesme baby), and finally The Creator (incredible – so damn incredible – I might like AI now).

As for television, I have finally finished NYPD Blue (I can’t believe I lasted this long), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Charlie Day is just perfect), Only Murders in the Building (guessed it all) and the two seasons of Pen15 (this one hit me in all the spots – like looking into a mirror Maya).

It’s been a long two months. I hope that November slows down and I get the next blog post out on time. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading. Xx May

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