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Luck of the Irish - A month full of gold

If you've been following my journey, you may know that I had a rough few years there in the midst of 27 where I was poor, mentally drained and felt pretty isolated and depressed for some time. Great news! I'm not in that place anymore. Thanks to very supportive friends, my stint in a therapist's chair and a series of fortunate events in the making, I am feeling ready to take on the world.

Firstly, one of the greatest things to happen to me, is that my hair is growing. God bless. I can now tie it up in tiny ponytails at the bottom and, due to that, my confidence in my sexy self is coming back. As much as I'd like to think my hair does not define me... it does. Without it, I feel like the before photos of a drastic makeover 24/7 (even with makeup on). So that is wonderful and to celebrate my new orange and hopefully more natural new doo, my beautiful friend Mansoor came over and shot some new headshots. Yes... a bit Pauline Hanson (bad) but also a lot of Horatio Caine (really good).

Second, I got that job! You know, the one I was talking about being really cool and creative but also being youth worky and awesome. I got it! I am now the activities and engagement officer for Deception Bay Community Youth Programs and it is my role to engage youth through music, drama, art, sport and other social activities. It's my third week in and I start full-time next week. Looking forward to the adventure and continuing my social work journey through them. Sadly, it does mean that I must bid my Taigum Kids Childcare goodbye. I have enjoyed working for the company immensely over the past year and a bit. I joined them at an insecure time in my life, and it's with them that I've been able to find my footing and a home in Taigum.

Thirdly, as of a few hours ago, I have completed my first year at university. At 28, I'm pretty proud of finally going back to school and dedicating the time and money to upskill and join the social justice workforce. However, instead of continuing on at the Australian Catholic University, I found an awesome course that allows me to live out my private detective and forensic dreams too at the University of Southern Cross with a dual degree, a Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of criminology. I have been accepted, only now I have to wait for a transcript and transfer units, and blah blah blah. The rest is boring, but the outcome is being a social worker by day, a detective by night, and a filmmaker on holidays.

Talking about films... did you know that the "Zombie Bro" DVD is being released on December 29th globally. Guys, it's finally here. This is what happens when you make an independant film, go to film festivals and sign with a distributor. Your film gets released on DVD! I am basically Stephen Speilberg guys. I did it, I made a film, it's going to be released on DVD and now I can die (not really). Where can you get a DVD? Good question. I don't know but seeing as though my distributor is a USA based one, I'm sure it will be all online. But also, if you keep reading my blogs, I'll update as I go. Also being released soon is "Don't Click" the film I did while in Toronto, starring Valter Skarsgard. Below is the trailer. I play Valter's partner in the film. See if you can spot me in the trailer! I'm super pumped to see how the film turned out. The script was pretty dark, so I'm interested to see if it played out well on screen. More updates about that project later too.

Other pots of gold moments that happened this past month were my shares have made quite a bit of profit recently, my hiking group raised a heap of money for the poor in the Philippines, I'm part of a choir just in time for Christmas, and I won Guy Sebastian tickets on 97.3 (that's huge)!

I did have some doozies still in October. I went on a long-awaited date with a guy I liked in high school (who also liked me, there was a confession of mutual attraction involved prior). The date was lovely, I was a little stressed seeing as though, it was long-awaited. But he was funny and nice and all things I remembered him to be but a little more mature. He came home with me, had some tea and I walked him to his car with a kiss to end the night, and then I skipped off and sent a 'thanks for the date' type text. And then, my friends, it was all over. No response and no follow-up date. Don't get me wrong, we are still friends, but the build-up of all those years... family members talking about us together, slow dancing to Hairspray's credits, years of interstate catchups and admissions of liking each other... turned to nothing. And then - to add - this one is not as crazy as that moment - but I've been hanging out with a guy I used to hang out with a lot straight out of high school. Wonderful man... but after the pedestal situation above, I asked myself, why am I really hanging out with him again, am I just waiting for something to happen? And yes! I was. So instead of waiting, I sent a somewhat embarrassing text and also received no response. So ladies and gentlemen, be bold and at least respond. I don't care if it's a no, just that I get a response. Don't feel bad for me though, I'm glad I've cleared both those men out of the way so that I can find someone else who can give me a 'fuck yes'.

Lastly, I read 'Demystifying Investing' (which made it more mystified), 'The Crims', 'The Graveyard Book' (which is fantastic. Neil Gaiman also wrote Coraline. And I would love to make this film into a movie. What a ghoulish goody). Movie wise - I watched Bloody Hell, Dirt Music (so boring, and about cheaters, puhleaaaaaseeee) and finally I watched Antebellum. Geez Louise, Antebellum is so friggen amazing. I gritted my teeth the whole time. If you haven't seen it already, please do. The twist! OH THE TWIST! Get ready to be shook. But most importantly, go see the movie. It's far better than how I've described it.

Well folks, that's it for now. Hope your November becomes as grand as my October.

Bye now, May

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