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Christmas Trips... and other scandals

Dear friends and family,

It is almost Christmas, and the November blog is long overdue. I started November with a two-week trip to Brisbane. The trip was for two very important events: 1) a top-secret task with Shekinah and 2) celebrating the union of Cat and Dan. Between these events, I caught up with many friends, watched the second Black Panther movie, and celebrated a very early Christmas with the family. Highlights from the trip include everyone in the family attempting Christmas carols on the piano, winning trivia at the Brunswick Hotel, almost convincing Dad to join in on an escape room, seeing my brother graduate and watching his one-man show ‘Output.’

While I was up in Brisbane, the news broke that some not-so-kosher activity had been detected by the police at my old musical theatre school. There have been rumours and disclosures over the past few years but now the police have made everything official. I really wanted to go to court to see how everything works (because I am a criminology student and because I am a busybody) but I turned up at a closed Magistrates Courthouse when I should have been at the Bail house. To read more about the charges you can view the photos below or just search keywords “sexual assault,” “rape,” “Brisbane,” and “theatre.”

The rest of November flew past very quickly as I started my full-time role as a Diploma qualified childcare educator. I have not worked five days a week in a long time, and it has taken me a while to adjust but the savings will be worth it as they are funding my exchange to Michigan in August 2023. Other big changes in November include re-joining my old choir, ‘Jonah and the Wailers’, starting morning diet shakes so I can fit into the “normal” BMI category, finishing all my Christmas cards in record timing, and that I donated blood.

I read one book this month titled ‘Tiny Love Stories’ by Daniel Jones (it was nice to read stories that were not all about romantic love). I also got 1/3 through a book about Egypt called ‘Buried’ but had to return it because it was a slow crawl to the finish line (if ever).

Movies I watched this month were ‘Phenomenon’ (John Travolta movie), ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ (I finally watched it all), all The Kingsman movies (now I have a massive crush on Taron Egerton), ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ (what a movie), and ‘The Menu’ (it is a weird one). I also watched all of ‘The Handmaid's Tale’ with my mother while in Brisbane and have started watching ‘Scrubs’ in my downtime.

Thanks for taking the time to read about the going-ons of my life in 2022. I hope you have an incredible Christmas, and I will write soon in 2023.

Much love, May

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