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Parties, Pets and Playing the Rock Classics

Hello friends and family,

We are so close to Christmas now and I have finally finished all the drawings for my Christmas cards. All I have to do now is mail them across the globe and in time for Christmas day. Wish me luck! November was one heck of a month and although I hoped to have a stress-free university break, once again I have taken on more than I can handle and currently have several stress-induced ulcers to show for it.

On a lighter note, here's a few top moments from the month of November! 1) I caught up with an old choir friend and reconnected 2) I attended a surprise 50th birthday party for a friend, 3) I sewed an elf themed dress with my mother, 4) I did a rock gig with a new band, and 5) I finished all my exams and was chuffed at how it all went.

On the filmmaker side of things - which to be honest has been pretty bare for 2021 - I had my friend pick up the final version of ZOMBIE BRO from the distributor in Los Angeles and he sent it over. Could this mean I can showcase the film for cast, crew, friends and families in the new year? Perhaps - it all depends on this pandemic shooting around. I also had a brief chat with Michael Drake as part of the ABC Kids initiative connecting executives to up-and-coming children's television and filmmakers. He gave me a tip to stop doing everything alone and to pitch to already established production companies, befriend them, work for them and one day make another project with them. Sound advice... maybe it will help others in the same position as me.

Workwise, my last day in daycare was on the 1st of November and very quickly I gained employment with a before and after school service across the road. While I submitted paperwork and did many many many quizzes on child protection, I was hired to nanny for a film set, and became part of the nanny crew for the Ashes Cricket families. In December, I will start with Jabiru and continue nannying for the cricket in all remaining states. In addition to all this, I reconnected with Amazing Kids Parties and an entertainer who runs Bubblelicious to start doing parties over the Christmas break. I love hosting parties during Christmas time!

Lastly, there was a mix of pets in and out of my household the past month. My friend's cats went from two down to one. I had never been in the euthanasia room before and didn't know what to expect, but it was really really sad. I didn't know the cat for very long but I still felt so awful at how things turned out. While her companion had to adjust to being the solo cat around the joint, I am glad to report that she is happy and healthy, and getting lots of attention and care. She was not alone for long either. I finally got the two lovebirds I had been pining for! I had them for four days before my head almost exploded from stress and annoyance because they squawked so incredibly loudly. I am now the happy owner of two canaries that chirp at just the right frequency and even let me hold them. PS. I swapped them over with the same seller.

Movies I watched this month include 'Ron's Gone Wrong' (meh), 'No Time To Die' (the first Bond film I've ever seen), 'One Night In Soho' (screamed twice in the cinema), and 'Red Notice' (love me some Rock). The most awkward part of movie night this month was that I realised that the movie night group I attend is made up of Apple employees past and present and that I'd just joined the group on Facebook thinking it was open to all. Regardless, I'll still be attending... maybe I can get my next job at Apple.

Books I read this month included Agatha Christie's 'Sparkling Cyanide', 'In Praise of Difficult Women' by Karen Karbo, and 'Yes Please' by Amy Poehler. I tried, I tried, I tried to read 'A New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle but I don't think I'm quite there in my spiritual journey. He says the words 'ego' and 'I am' so many times that I kept losing my place. I think I need a dark room with no sound or other stimulus to get through the book. Anyway, I'll try another year.

I hope you have an incredible December month and I look forward to writing again at the start of the new year! Close friends, check your mailboxes!

Much love, May

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