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Heading Back to Queensland

Dear friends and family,

The month of May has come and passed and I managed to fit in quite a lot of activities. This was probably due to it being my last month in Sydney! I’m heading back up to Queensland on the 15th of June for placement and for what’s left of my degree.

At work, the parents have started saying their farewells which is bittersweet. I’ve talked to the children about me leaving and even had them help me erect a garden bed filled with flowers that we called ‘May Park’. We planted the pots in May so it's not completely a shrine to myself... but almost. I’ve told the kids that when they miss me, they can look at May Park and remember how much fun we had making it.

Merryn and I finally went on a whale tour and it was amazing. For some reason I imagined the whales would get so close that you could almost pat them – that is not the case. I also imagined they would flip over and look me right in the eye – this also did not happen. But we saw lots of breaches and beautiful tails heading back into the ocean. When the boat was heading back in, the captain stopped us right in front of a family of dolphins swimming through the water – those ones came really close. A few other highlights with Merryn this month were doing a treetops adventure, attending an improvisation class and singing Tina Turner tunes.

I went on a few adventures with my Sydney pals too last month. The first was on an 80s and 90s boat party, and the second was on a glow worm mission. The boat party was fantastic. I picked it because I love 80s and 90s classics but when we got there, I was surprised to see a real assortment of guests on the boat. I didn’t think for a second that people on the boat would be older than me… one guy came up to our group and said, “Did you know, when this song was released I was a punk”. The glow worm adventure was lovely. I mean, glow worms are extremely overrated but the road trip was lovely. We waited till nightfall to see the glow worms, which ended up looking as if you had spilled some glitter on a black carpet. A little underwhelming I thought.

Other news this May is that my friend Brennan just finished a feature where he is the romantic lead in a Hallmark cowboy movie (I know famous people), I've made friends at choir who are all musical theatre weirdos like me, I finished my last 45% worth report for the semester, and I volunteered for a memory walk in Leichhardt!

I’ve completed no books this month. I attempted to read Michelle Obama's biography but I got super bored. I have kept us with my movie addiction though. In May I watched and re-watched Guardians of the Galaxy 3 (fabulous), National Treasure 2 (not as good as the first), Love Again (a 90s feeling romcom), Starship Troopers (nostalgic), and The Little Mermaid (basically shot for shot of the animation).

Hope you are all keeping well and I look forward to updating you about my relocation back to Brisbane end of June. Love, May

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