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Goodbye March

Hello April and happy easter,

Mine was spent completing sudoku’s, eating Indian and watching CSI. What a ripper. This past month has been chock a block. I don’t really know why it felt so long but I managed to do a heap of stuff in those 31 days.

I submitted two assignments. Only in a recent tutorial, I found out that USC only allows one submission that cannot be deleted and re-uploaded. I’m one of those people that submit assignments way before the due date, which kicked me in the butt this month when new information was disclosed about the assessment which I’d already uploaded. Regardless, I will pass with the work I submitted, I just wish they allowed multiple submissions before the due date. Would have helped in my scenario.

I have had the pleasure of doing another mural at work. This time in the compost area at my daycare. I first asked all the kids in kindergarten what pictures they wanted on the wall and with those suggestions, I made a draft for the 6-metre wall and got to work. The sketching and all painting is done and now I only have to outline the drawings. Check out the current state of the work above. Would love to do more paintings like this. Know anyone who needs a big wall painting? I can sketch up ideas and expand my portfolio.

For my birthday, I went to a waterfall and watched ‘Coming 2 America’ on a rooftop. I also had planned to get my motorcycle licence this month, but one of the instructors got sick and now this goal will have to be achieved in April instead. I did however check off ‘volunteer for CPL’ on my goals board. CPL is an organisation that works with people with disability. I am a volunteer for a program called Screech which has volunteers and clients participating in drama workshops once a week. The students and volunteers celebrated their term 1 with a performance of ‘Superheros and Aliens’ which was both the best and the worst performance I’ve ever been a part of. The best, because everyone involved was full of passion and the worst because not much went to plan. It is a truly wonderful experience to volunteer for this program. It’s taught me how to be more patient and humble.

This month I finished six books. Two junior novels, two fiction novels and three very interesting books on domestic violence and abuse. I picked them out after last months reads because one of the fiction books about abuse really hit a nerve. A stand out was ‘Home Grown: How Domestic Violence Turns Men into Terrorists’ which demonstrated that in most cases, terrorists have a history of domestic violence that is usually ignored and not included in reporting. ‘Shattered to Shining’ were stories written by domestic abuse survivors and ‘The Incest Dairy’ was an anonymously written story by someone who was abused by her father all her childhood. The last one was particularly hard to read as every time she told her truth, she was outcasted and even told to ‘get over it’ by a close friend. I hope my degree in Social Work will give me some ways to help people in these types of situations in the future.

As for films, I watched so many films this month. Yippee! Wild Mountain Thyme, Let Go, Bombshell, Mugal Train and a few more others that I can’t remember right now. Bombshell was surprisingly good. I remember seeing clips for it at the cinema and thinking it wouldn’t be that good. I should have known it would be great though because Charlize Theron is in it. She’s never let me down before. Also, once again, stand out performance by Kevin Hart in Let Go. He’s one of my favourites and even though there was no comedy in the film, he was still great.

That's my monthly wrap for now. I’m off to Sydney for Hamilton tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed I get on the plane without covid restrictions stopping me. I get to spend the whole week with my long time friend Merryn. The last time I saw her was three years ago where I spent most of the time blubbering about a recent breakup. Looking forward to the coming week for a lighter catch up.

All the best family and friends,


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