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Sydney to Brisbane - The Latest Move

Dear family and friends,

I am well and truly into July by now but before I go on any further, I have to stop and reflect on June and my move from Sydney to Brisbane.

Back in Sydney town, my friends and I went on the longest adventure to the Jenolan Caves ever. I have absolutely no idea how it is possible, but all up, our drive there and back took over nine hours. With three hours each way, this sounds berserk. Unfortunately, the day we went there was a mass amount of fog and rain which made us super slow, and there happened to be a major accident with a fire truck responding that slowed us down too. We arrived at the caves too late and missed our tour and the next one was a two hour wait. All four of us held on to hope, maybe it would be incredible! It was pretty good, but not incredible. To top things off, I somehow garnered a speeding fine for the trip a month later. Worth it? Probably not, but I enjoyed the company immensely.

I farewelled my favourite workplace. To celebrate, I put on our last spirit day called ‘Under the Sea’ and I also encouraged my colleagues to join me over farewell dinner at New Shanghai. I’ll miss facepainting with chalk, dancing to gummy bear on repeat, and watching 'May Park' grow. Maybe one day I can rejoin the team, only then as a highly paid Social Worker.

Other memorable moments of my farewell tour include watching male strippers and singing karaoke with the girls, watching final flicks with Spencer and Janice, being gifted a DND figurine from Bryce, and the road trip up the Brisbane with mum where we listened to crime podcasts and took photos with novelty sized items.

Now finally in Brisbane, I moved in with another best friend, Shekinah and her growing family. While here, I have failed dismally at finding future accommodation, have rejoined our family's winning trivia team, and have hung out with Brisbane friends Jess and Irena. Other highlights worth mentioning are watching Billy Ocean live in concert, smashing through two university courses over session five, and rejoining the gaming world via The Sims Freeplay.

I’ve read no books this month. Instead, I consumed as many movies with Merryn as possible before our housemate-ship ended. All High School Musical’s were watched, as well as 'The Greatest Showman'. It reignited my Zac Efron crush from teenage-dom. What am I kidding? That crush never went away.

Anyway, I’ll catch you up on things early august. XX May

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