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Finally Settling into Sydney

It’s study break! To some – this is a great time to relax and recharge for the next semester. For me, this is a very awkward time where I have way too much free time but also can’t get a full-time job because Semester 2 starts in July. So, in an attempt to fill out the weeks that are usually spent aggressively studying, I finally joined a gym and got a part-time job. These two activities have saved me this past month! Without them, I think I would have driven myself crazy with having absolutely nothing to do.

I finally was able to join a gym because I took a month-long housesitting gig in Ashfield. I’m a member of the Aquatic Centre here and it is blissful. I swim 2-3 times a week and participate in group fitness regularly (yoga, Zumba, Pilates). It is such a beautiful gym- and from this month forward, my pass also permits me to utilise services at seven other aquatic centres around Sydney. Yay!

As for work, at the beginning of study break, I finally applied for an after-school role but before they could even call me for an interview, I was swooped up. The owner of Coastal Babysitters in Queensland recommended me as a nanny for a sports player down in Sydney and I got it. It’s only two days a week but will fit my university schedule and gives me something to look forward to every week. I’m looking after two wonderful children aged three and four. We are learning numbers, letters and singing ‘Days of the Week’ on repeat. Since I got my Diploma in January, I’m hoping to plan some really fun activities for these two that I can use when I eventually run my own room.

As per my last post, I’ve stopped seeing the love interest and, in his place, I have welcomed new friends. I joined Bumble BFF and met a local girl that loves long walks, sunsets and laughing. I also joined a Meetup group for women and met a cool chick that is into speed dating, strip shows and dancing the night away. Also because of meetup, I have finally found a regular board games group and I reconnected with a choir I sang with years ago when I first moved to Sydney.

The other major thing to happen this month was that I finally found the place I’ll be living in for the next 6-12 months. It is in Ashfield and very close to the above-mentioned gym. I’m living with a woman in her 30s with red, curly hair who is also a nanny. When I met her, I thought “oh my god- is that me?”. I have a beautiful room with lots of space and the view is of a gigantic tree and the sky which faces the sunrise. I love it. The room is also long enough that I have a reading nook which is separated by a cube shelf (kudos Simon) from my bed.

Movies I’ve watched this month were Top Gun: Maverick (honestly how hard is it to wear a helmet), Jurassic World Dominium (surprisingly great), Buzz Lightyear (meh) and Elvis (better than I expected but also very much a biopic with timelines and what not). Books I’ve read this month are Divergent (I think there was a film), Attachment Theory (cos relationship advice) and Own your Anxiety (took the tip of cutting out coffee). Other highlights of the month include walking around Clovelly with Abo on his trip down to Tassie, tie-dying shirts with the girls at Randwick Girl Guides, and finishing my final exams!!!

Time to get your taxes in order. Cheers, May

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