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July Acting News

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Hello World,

If you know me well, you would know that I am a horrible blogger and I tend to forget (or rather put off) writing things. So I'll try and update you with my Acting life.

I have just completed a Soren Bennick Tour of "The Power of One" that ran for 6 weeks in Sydney Schools with the lovely Laura Kruse. It was wonderful getting back into Theatre in Education.

I also got my first professional acting gig playing the role of the Waitress on the new ABC programme "Old School". I spent the day working with Bryan Brown (which was amazing) and met Kate Box (Offspring) and Sam Neil (Jurassic Park). I had never met a celebrity before and that day I met three. Lucky me!

In August, I'm heading back up to Queensland for an Echelon Tour, which is really exciting. It's a musical show, so I'm really pumped to get back into the Musical side of things. I went through my scripts earlier today and started to miss all my Harvest Rain days. :(

Then when I return to Sydney in September, everything is happening! We are getting ready to shoot the Newcastle feature "Pop-Up" by Stuart McBratney where I play one of the leads ex-girlfriends who is now a D-grade celebrity. Check out the poster for the movie she is in.

And also later in the year, I am part of a Web-Series called The Army Within which is all about an alien takeover. Andy Sutton is director/ writer/ producer/ animator and the project will be amazing. Check out the poster for this one too.

I am also going to do my own adventures when I return. After doing a lot of Improv last term, I have decided to put on a Music Improv Show. I've always found the musical games the funnest to play but not too many people are brave enough to perform them. So sometime later in the year, I will be assembling a team of talented musicians and with the help of Impro Australia and the wonderful duo in charge of Fresh, I will be putting on my first Improv Show.

I've also re-started work on a Musical I wrote in 2008. I won't say much yet but my brother, Coleman, is going to work his magic fingers and write the music and my dear friend, Kristina, is helping me edit it. Would love to see it come to life by the end of the year. :)

And I've started doing Stand-Up! It is awesome! I'll be informing the world via Twitter about any upcoming gigs so come along and support me.

My agent Natalie Hall Management, especially Poppy, have been so wonderful this year and I'm slowly but surely getting auditions and castings now in Sydney.

Can't wait for the adventures to begin!

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