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Back to the Grind

After a packed first five months of 2024, it feels a little lacklustre to write this blog. I’m back in Brisbane temporarily while waiting for my placement in India to be finalised, and to save up another $5000 for the trip.


Even though it’s back to the 9-5 grind, I've had some wonderful moments in childcare and as a nanny this past month. I worked in the Kindergarten room at one centre and after just one day there, I was told that one child had said, in all seriousness, “I miss May… She was a really good teacher.” Another center I worked at arranged a Thank You card and chocolates for the week of casual work I did for them. Lastly, at a movie night for a nannying gig, I managed to convince around 20 children to watch Kung Fu Panda to avoid debating what to watch. Unfortunately after gathering consensus, turns out the film wasn’t on Disney+ (whoops). Luckily, another nanny had access to a different video-on-demand service to save the day. #teamwork

In the midst of full-time work, I flew down to Sydney to join my best friend on a road trip up to Brisbane. With ‘The Climb’ as our road trip anthem, we made our way up New South Wales, stopping for fish and chips, and staying overnight at the Woopi Hostel in Woolgoolga. Then we stopped at the Big Banana, entered Queensland, took a dip in the sea at Miami, and spent the day in Byron Bay checking out hippie stores and stressing about parking limits. The biggest highlight of the trip, aside from spending 72 hours with my best friend, was the banana split I bought at the Big Banana. If you ever visit the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, don’t just get a coffee for the road. Folks, their banana split is freaking fabulous. I can’t believe it took me four trip there to get one. Don’t be like me. Get it the first time you stop there.

Other news this month is that I’m trying to lose some weight. Living in Michigan in Winter didn’t encourage my normally active lifestyle. I tried to keep up with swimming while I was there, but eating pizza became more regular than exercise. Even while traveling around other American states, I spent most of the time sitting in a car. So, I’m back to tracking calories on the FitBit app, and back to swimming and walking everywhere. I’m not yet ready to join a running club, but it may be on the cards if I don’t start seeing results (and if my dating life dries up). I haven’t been 65 kg since Year 10 (15 years old), but the BMI says I’m currently in the overweight category at 73 kg. :/

This month, I read a quarter of a Patricia Cornwell novel until my mother returned the book to the library. So, no finished books this month, but I watched a heap of films and television. I watched ‘Garfield’ (really thought it was going to be another live-action version and was disappointed), ‘Inside Out 2’ (was surprised they didn’t touch on anything puberty-related, but maybe that’s for the next movie?), and ‘Now and Then’ (Merryn and I spent most of the movie debating which characters we were most like - I think I’m Christina/Rosie). Thanks to house-sitting, I was also able to binge-watch some series like ‘Love is Blind’ (watching Chelsea was very difficult), Survivor AU (great job Feras), and Bridgerton (loved the finale with the butterflies and the purple and orange ball).

Other highlights from June included getting a positive result from a radiology visit, celebrating my Grandma's life with family, seeing a full rainbow on my way to work, completing the final exam of my undergraduate double degree, pet-sitting a Rottweiler in the Brisbane suburbs, and finally ticking off ‘join a chess club’ from my annual goals list. I would love to say July is packed with fun adventures, but I’ll have wait for August for that. 

Thanks for reading,


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