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Moving back home. Literally.

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Dear friends and family,

I’ve found myself with a free day mid-week and I’m finally right on time to release a blog post. Go me! It’s been a month full of ups and downs. Moving out... again and navigating four days of placement unpaid without the assistance of Centrelink. But I am getting there.

First up, workwise I have planned that I can work one day a week with C&K as a casual educator. I love childcare, so it’s nice to be able to fit this in still. The casual rate for C&K is also fabulous for educators, even more so if you are diploma qualified. That’s me! So that’s definitely helping. In addition to that, I’ve reconnected with two employers, Coastal Babysitters and Bubblelicious. Looking forward to fitting as much work in around placement so that I can continue saving for the exchange in January. #GVSU

The next biggest news is that *drumroll* I’ve moved back home. Big thanks to my mum and dad who consistently make sure their children have roofs over their heads. It’s definitely a big change. I really enjoy my independence and there are a lot of conditions here which I am adjusting to. I’m sad to have left my best friend, Shekinah’s place, but alas she has a bub on the way and needs her spare room back. My favourite daily entry for the month goes to “I love seeing Shekinah almost daily” (9/7), followed by “I love hanging out with Shekinah” (19/7) and “I love Shekinah” (11/7). I won’t miss it at all. *Weeping as I type*

As for placement – it’s going well. I’m 100 hours down from the required 500 and I’ve learnt a heap already. I’ve met some really interesting people and have been guided by fantastic social workers. I’m currently undertaking a placement at Community Living Association – specifically for the Community Connections team. My team provides support to young people who are at risk of homelessness and disengagement from school. I really like it and could imagine working in the space one day. Mind you, I did go to a DV meeting the other day and there were police officers there and I thought “How do I get your job? I want that job”. So, I really don’t know what space I want to work in yet – or if I want to work in social work after all. #filmmaker

Some highlights from the month are attending a life drawing class with Irena, a rapid catch-up with Merryn in Brisbane, popping Hannah's escape room cherry, being in the top three for trivia every week, co-hosting a harry potter sleepover with six 7/8-year-olds, art battles with the family, and seeing Irena shine in ‘Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves’. Movies I’ve enjoyed were Spider-Verse: Across the Spider-Verse (so fantastic and visually mesmerizing – how amazing would it be to work on this film?!), Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (scarier than I remembered especially when watching with an eight-year-old), Insidious: The Red Door (there’s something about this franchise that makes me love overacting), and Barbie (which made me feel a bit dumb for not understanding all the social commentary).

Have a wonderful August and I’ll update you later.

XX May

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