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The Twenty-twenty three Goals are here!

Dear friends and family,

Like all January posts before, this blog goes through highlights of the year that was (2022), and then ventures into the goals for the year that is (2023). But before all that… here’s a short recap of the comings and goings of January.


January Recap

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I was lucky enough to spend mine in Sydney with my best friend, Mum, Dad and extended family. A few highlights from this period were singing karaoke on New Year's Day, taking my parents beach hopping in the eastern suburbs, and seeing two firework shows on New Year's Eve (the first from a lookout at St Leonard's, and the second on my veranda at midnight because of a very close illegal firework show).

For the rest of January, I worked full time, attended board games, Dungeons and Dragons quests and hung out with new friends at the movies, on hikes and performing karaoke. I continued my sewing adventures by adding a maxi dress, a cat pillow, and rocking chair cushion covers to my portfolio. I also set up a garden on my small veranda.

Movies I watched this month were ‘The Fablemans’ (a tearjerker), M3GAN (god awful horror film), and ‘Triangle of Sadness’ (I met the lead actor in Hollywood way before he was starring alongside Woody Harrelson). Television shows watched were ‘Love is Blind S3’ (guilty pleasure), ‘Wednesday’ (thanks to Niall’s account), NYPD Blue (sad that David Caruso is missing from this season), and ‘Scrubs’ (still great). I read one book this month called ‘Vox’ about a future where women have bracelets that monitor their permitted 100 words a day.


Highlights of Twenty twenty-two!

After reading over my blog posts and flipping through my photo albums, here are the 10 best Highlights of 2022!

1. Volunteering for the Girl Scouts in Randwick and Haberfield.

2. Seeing Abo, Irena, Coleman and Xanthe when they came down to Sydney town and having more skypes and facetime than ever before with friends overseas and interstate.

3. Starting dating again.

4. Saw an Opera at the Handa Bar where the stage overlooks the Harbour Bridge and Opera house.

5. Saw Guy Sebastian perform live (again).

6. Had a High School Musical-themed 30th party and wore my fabulous birthday dress made by my mum.

7. Finally joined a French class.

8. Visited Perth to catch up with Chase and met quokkas.

9. Moved in with my best friend in our 30s (Romy and Michelle anyone?)

10. Completed my diploma in Childhood Education.


Goals for twenty-twenty-three!

This year, my goals all seem doable but only if I get the exchange I applied for in August of 2023. They are… *drumroll please*

Can you help me achieve any of these goals? Do you want to reach them with me? I can’t do it all on my own, so reach out.


That’s it, folks. Looking forward to a jam-packed year of travel, study, hobbies, and socialising. As always, thanks for reading my blog and I look forward to writing again in March!

XX May

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