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Welcome 2020: 2019 Recap

Happy New Year everybody. This year is going to be an easy year. I won't do anything crazy or burn myself out. I'm looking forward to a year of settling into a repetitive schedule with consistent income so that I can pay off my debts (my emergency claim was refused from my travel insurance... so terrible start).

Let's see how well my 2019 goals went and then we will move on to the 2020 comprehensive list. I've achieved 9 on the "2019 Goals" list, 4 on the "Life Goals" lists and 7 on the "Other Goals" list. All up, that's 40% of my 2019 goals!!! Someone once asked if I was disappointed when I looked at my list and realised I hadn't achieved it all. That's to be expected. Generally, if I've ticked off one or two of the goals, I'm proud of myself. Especially if it's from the life goals section or high up on the yearly goals section.

Below are some achieved goals:

1. Get into at least 3 film festivals with Zombie Bro. I toured around America with my mother to attend festivals. In total, Zombie Bro was accepted into nine festivals and I attended three of them.

2. Make people around me happier

3. To help and inspire children

4. Have a job that I love doing

I now work at a Childcare centre which allows me to tick off all of the above goals!

5. See Elton John live

I managed to sneak this into the end of 2019 thanks to a bandmate but I'll be seeing him early 2020 as well.

I also achieved things not on my list.

I starred in my first Canadian feature film DON'T CLICK, playing the romantic interest of Valter Skarsgard's character, I celebrated a close high school friend marrying the love of her life, I donated eggs to a family in need, I visited the home of Motown in Detroit and I got my first paid directing job through Screen Queensland and Nice Shorts.

And onto this years


Yearly Goals

1. Finalise and sign distribution contract for Zombie Bro

2. Pay your lawyer

3. Study social work at ACU

4. Draw Travel Bugs Canada

5. Publish the book with Jen

6. Visit Egypt

7. Stop smoking

8. Buy a car/ get a manual driver's licence

9. Pitch three seasons of Kidskit

10. Draw and develop an animated webseries

11. Be in a band

12. Join a choir

13. Join AWG and ADG

14. Have a female director mentor

15. Reach out to agents

16. Score a role on a kids program

17. Go to pubchoir

18. Do french classes

19. Do a marathon

20. Trip to Sydney

21. Trip to Melbourne

22. Rooftop party for my birthday

23. Save more

24. Say "no" more

25. Listen to spiritual podcasts

26. Write blogs every month

27. Read a book a month

28. Watch a movie a week

29. Remove toxic people from your life

30. See family more

Life Goals

1. Meet Guy Sebastian

2. Be mentored by Taika Waititi

3. Run Edmund Rice Camps Australia

4. Be a successful director

5. Get married and have many children

The goals speak for themselves so I'll be back in February to tell you how I'm going with all of it.


May Grehan

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