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Goals! Goals! Goals!

As per tradition, the first blog of the year recaps the year just past and what goals I’ve set myself over 2022. But before that, here’s a glimpse of everything that happened in January.


I started the year in Sydney working for Coastal Babysitters and Cricket Australia. I spent my days on the beach, sipping smoothies, watching family movies, and eventually went to Taronga zoo before heading to Hobart. In Hobart, I played many rounds of chess, watched Australia win the Ashes, and completed the majority of my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care with the help of my supervisor and ex-director. The Cricket trip allowed me to travel, meet incredible people, see friends in every state, and finally contract Covid. Here are some celebrity shots to prove it all.

Perhaps the biggest thing to happen last month was that my brother informed me that he is returning to Brisbane. So I’m moving out and over to Sydney! I’m super lucky to have all online units this year, and friends in the state to make the move down easy. I most recently said goodbye to the wonderful cat, Pixie, and my canaries, Tweety and Sylvester. I plan to move into a sublet in Newtown, get a job in the childcare right next door, and spend my free days swimming at Clovelly beach.


Time to talk 2021 achievements!

This year I crossed off 16 out of 25 yearly goals and zero life goals. I got my learner's motorcycle permit (2), invested $500 every month (6), hosted 10+ kids parties (8), finished my second year of university (9), listened to French podcasts (10), read two books a month (12), sung in a band (15), flew to Sydney to watch Hamilton (16), watched a movie a week (17), hiked once a month (18), attended 2+ gym classes a week (19), wrote my will (21), wrote monthly blogs (22), posted my Christmas cards on time (23) and sewed a dress (24).

Highlights from the year include:

- Zombie Bro being sold digitally and physically across North America

- Adding another bachelor to my social work degree at USC

- Painting a massive mural, inspired by kindergarteners

- Teaching drama to special needs children with CPL

- Mentoring young drivers with PCYC

- Three close friends had healthy babies

- Touring the Appeals Court in Sydney

- Climbing the Story Bridge (just like Will Smith)

- Waking up to my first break-in at 4 am on a weekday

- Fostering three cats

- Getting vaccinated

- Becoming a giant bubble maker

- Touring with Cricket Australia

- Making a massive aviary and homing a selection of lovebirds and canaries

- Winning Guy Sebastian tickets on the radio


Moving on to... *drum roll*

2022 GOALS

1. Move to Sydney

2. Finish Diploma

3. Finish year three at USC

4. Volunteer more

5. Join Australian Writers Guild

6. Show Zombie Bro in theatres

7. Join a choir

8. Be a Cranston Cup Player

9. See an opera at the Opera House

10. See a tap-dancing show

11. Join a Trivia team

12. Form a movie night crew

13. Swim once a week

14. Dive with Sharks

15. Go whale-watching

16. Get a full motorcycle license

17. Meet Guy Sebastian

18. Buy Dorothy Shoes

19. Contribute regularly to superannuation

20. Take guitar lessons

21. Sew more

22. Visit Luna Park

23. Be a nude model

24. Invest regularly


25. Be the ambassador for a not-for-profit

26. Be mentored by Taika Waititi

27. Have a career in Kids Film and Television

28. Touch a pyramid

29. Foster children

30. Live and work in Los Angeles

Think you can help me achieve any of these goals? Or want to do some of them with me? Let me know – I need all the help I can get. My determination will only get me so far.

I feel really good about this year. My closest friends and family would know how much I’ve been struggling to feel like I’m making the right choices at the moment and ever since returning from Toronto. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with friends, reigniting my passion for film, and reaching some milestones in 2022.

Xx May

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