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It's gonna be MAY!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

HAPPY MONTH OF ME Y’ALL! Hopefully it will be full of amazing opportunities and I’ll become famous and millions of people will read this blog. Am I right?

May is an exciting month. Mostly because once again we get to share this wonderful meme of Justin Timberlake back in his N’Sync wonder-years but also because WOWZA it’s almost halfway through the year. Whilst I haven’t achieved all or maybe even half of the goals I hoped to accomplish this year it really doesn’t matter because YOLO people.

But what have I accomplished this April? Firstly I managed to wish my brother Happy Birthday only minutes before the day was up. Thank you, thank you. I had two best friends from Brissy come down and fill my life with joy. And I visited my parents in Adelaide, where I toured the countryside but drank no wine.

But more about acting… I had a whopping FIVE auditions this month. Now that is a record, my friends. Quite frankly I am LOVING my agent. Two commercials, one in-house corporate video, one musical and an American self-test. Of course I booked none but that is not the point. I am being seen people! Shout it from the rooftops! MAY GREHAN IS BEING SEEN. And I like it!

Two of the projects I’m in have also picked up some awards internationally. WINGMAN won a whole bunch at LAweb fest and THE ARMY WITHIN won 'Best Sci-fi short' at Motor City Nightmares. As they continue to soar and make millions of dollars, I’ll keep you updated.

I did some singing this month for TAKE THE MIC. It’s the first time it’s been put on in Sydney and the finals are on 1st June so head along. Sadly I didn’t get through but perhaps it’s because if you stop singing for three years after constantly singing for seven, your voice changes and you can’t belt like you used to. That’s why I went with a husky Rod Stewart classic, ‘The First Cut is the Deepest’. You can check it out here.

I did a Les Chantery Masterclass! My agent has been raving about how amazing he is and so I went along. I would have to agree with this fabulous agent of mine that he is quite good. I mean, having just left Eden Bernardyat MARGIE HABER STUDIOS in LA, I feared no one would ever be good enough. But Les did good. He’s all about perfecting the self test and/ or initial audition. He gives great practical exercise’s that actors can use and critique their own work with. It’s noice, it’s different, it’s unusual. Check it out. He’s at the HUB STUDIO like all of the time.

And finally my proudest moment of the month goes to the completion of my second screenplay 'BALLS'. It’s the tale of some year fivers trying to stop the handball wars in their primary school and once again making the game “fun and free for all!” If that hasn’t sold you… why not read the script? I’m happy to share it round. I’ll be submitting it to all the major scriptwriting competitions and then who knows what will come of it.

In other news, I am glad to say I am now the NSW Entertainer Team Leaderfor the fabulous AMAZING KIDS PARTIES. I have been working for the team for over two years and now I get the responsibility of teaching all the new folks how to keep parents and kids happy. Lucky me! If you are looking for a job that makes you a minimum of $85 for an hour party, message me. You must have a car however and be available weekends.

And this month… my month… I’ll probably stick to more writing. J If you are free this coming Tuesday, WRAP NETWORKING PARTY is happening at the GILT LOUNGE for all you freelance creative artists. Wednesday night, my musician friend Andrew Samuel is having his EP launch at SAPPHO BOOKS in Newtown. And Thursday, I’ll be heading to this months FIRST THURSDAY IMPRO CLUB with the GOLDEN GOOSE Finalists on showcase.

Also a BIG CONGRATS to my Avaberee friends that were featured in FRANKIE magazine with their song 'Can't get you off my Mind' and to Rupert Raineri who scored the role of 'Officer Santos' in PIRATES OF THE THE CARIBBEAN: Dead Men tell No Tales.

See you in June. <3

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