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Updated: Jan 20, 2019

You know this time last year, I was on a train talking about a Halloween party I was throwing and this lovely woman chimed in and got excited for us but then ended the conversation cursing us saying that having the party was inviting evil spirits to possess us. So this year I opted out. But I did go as a Mexican skull with ma bestie!!!

So happy November and the biggest congratulations to one of my best friends Xanthe Paige for graduating from NIDA. Her final show was amazing, her final scene was amazing and her showreel was just ... you guessed it... AMAZING! She'll be the next big thing. Just you wait.

'The Cottonwood Fence' is still filming! It is scheduled to wrap early December and then the waiting begins for the final product. Last month we shot some scenes at Sydney College of the Arts in Lilyfield. :)

'Just Another Fish' has wrapped too! We had a big party scene where we had over 30 extras show up at someones house. I think they all came for the free pizza and maybe weren't aware that filming means you have to be quiet like 99.99% of the time. Awkward.

Two films premiered this month! The first being 'The Army Within'. We shot this last year in September and it is all about an alien invasion. I hope I'm not giving away anything! You can check out the trailer and bits and bobs on the website. It is so effing good!

We also had a private screening of our Tropfest film 'Paul the Rabbit'. We literally shot it at the end of September, by far the fastest turnaround ever. It was shot by Sidat de Silva and written and directed by Andy Willmott. I'm pretty cute in it. Like I'm sort of a babe. We find out if we get in very soon. Eeeeeek! I FINALLY met Greg Apps! Thanks Tafta. Ahhh... He's awesome. People say he can be mean and that's probably true (I mean I've never met him in a casting sense) but he was so cool. So informative, so personable and really fun to hang around. I even got away with calling him a 'shit'. I was role-playing his receptionist and having friendly banter whilst the next auditionee came in and I said 'I hope Greg isn't being a shit Brody'. It slipped out, I froze in fear, and he laughed. Or he didn't hear it. WHO KNOWS?!?! But do his workshops. I mean he found Russell Crowe and Eric Bana and like lots of leading actors that are still current. If you wanna film some stuff for him, enrol at The first month will only set you back a dollar! Really good way to get in front of him and make a connection (or a 'touch' as Greg puts it). Check out one of the scenes I did here.

I got my Voice-reel did! One of the best things about doing lots of work (unpaid and/ or paid) is that you get to make friends with people that have epic recording equipment. Thanks Andy. It took me 30 minutes, he put all the files on a USB and I edited it. KABOOM! Have a listen below... or just like call me to hear my voice?

Let's talk 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5'. Oh you didn't know that's casting right now? Oh do you live under a rock? The US stages of casting are currently underway (that includes self-tests from Aus) for the main-somewhat-lead speaking roles. If you live in America they are doing general auditions and if you have an Australian passport they are paying for flights and accommodation and everything for the duration of the shoot. Just shows you where you really need to be. All minor roles will be cast here by some mysterious casting director (not McSweeney Newman casting - even though the Disney website mislead everyone). I managed to get a friend of mine to submit me for the American generals and was willing to fly over but I think I was too late and/ or the lack of US agent/ manager would have looked amateur... but I tried.

Being the hilarious person I am... I too emailed Tom McSweeney & my agent the above Pirate video. I think it's gold but neither party would have received it well seeing as though McSweeney was flooded with submissions and had to issue a 'WE ARE NOT CASTING PIRATES' statement on Twitter and my agent said 'would you rather me get you work or watch your silly video?'. I think I lost that round.

Oh and finally... I hate to break the news to you but the DV lottery (Green Card/ US Visa) entry's have closed for another year. Which is exciting because that means some of us get to find out sometime in May 2015 if our dreams have come true or if we need to apply again. Either one is fun... unless you missed out on applying this year.

And that's all I have been up to in October! November sees me working lots of hours at Kmart and doing probably more Elsa (Frozen) parties then I like. See you in December!

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