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Happy Birthday to me!!!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

And so begins my 23rd year of life. Sometimes I forget… honestly. I feel like I'm early 30's and in a massive rush to do everything! It's only when a mentor or teacher of mine will say ‘slow down’ or ‘you have time’ that I remember I'm in my 20's for gods sake. I’m in that mood this month. Why rush things. Be passionate, driven then let it all sit because in this industry it's all about time and place, two things completely out of your control.

I WAS IN LA LAST MONTH! I was mostly there to conclude a relationship that plagued my entire 2014 but I also did a few courses...

 1. Groundlings, that I had been told was "the best course ever", turned out to be extremely displeasing. I felt the teacher was a big bully that made an extremely uncomfortable workspace. It was a giant waste of money and if I didn’t have a healthy amount of self esteem I think I would be in therapy now.

 2. I did a Margie Haber Intensive with the enchanting EdenBernardy. Thank god for her. She made my LA trip. Sometimes in your life you meet people that inspire you so much your jaw drops. What an amazing woman. She is so passionate and gives her everything to make you a better performer. Could not recommend her more highly.

I arrived home on a Tuesday and that Thursday I was offered a role in the Short + Sweet show ‘I wish my Mum had two broken legs’. It showed last weekend at the Factory Theatre as part of the People's Choice program. The lead actor, a friend of mine, couldn’t do the performances due to prior commitment and I was rung in. I wish I could say it was a pleasant experience, that I rode in and saved the day but the cast changed everynight and so we had to re-teach the show to new people everyday. Very stressful.

Hey! I did my first ever Pilot audition! THAT'S THIS YEARS ACTING GOAL REACHED! It was for an American pilot of NBCs that shoots in Sydney. I don’t suit any of the two roles I auditioned for but YOLO.

Oh and then on my birthday, I did my first job as a reader for Anousha Zarkesh Casting. How cool to hang out with someone like Micaeley Gibsonall day. If you haven't done it before I would recommend it. You get to see what happens on the other side of the fence. 

I also went to the Hong Kong Disneyand auditions last friday. If you have natural red or blonde hair send a video or something into Disney. Elsa and Anna are in... The jobs are there for you! And this week, it's Universal Singapore Auditions. Time to whip out my Madonna sheet music and start practising. I'll tell you all about it in the next blog. 

Happy March and if you see me out… buy me a drink.

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