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A quick announcement everybody - I turned 30 this year! I've lived in three countries, have two biological kin overseas, have a distributed feature film, and many items ticked off my bucket list (most recently axe throwing). I gifted myself an iPad which arrived on Valentine's day (love yourself) and I spend many nights creating art on Procreate now. In the next decade, I would like to acquire a partner, and several young humans to love unconditionally, to graduate with two bachelor's degrees and to embark on a career in policing (or something in that realm).

The month of February was a bloody mess. I stupidly took on more work even though I was supposed to focus on moving out of my brother's place. I nannied, after-school cared, bubbled, and face-painted this past month in a last-ditch effort to save up for the Sydney move and I somehow did it (I'm writing this blog post in Sydney- there's the proof). As for the floods - I wasn't directly affected. I missed being pooled in by leaving my brother's place the night before the sewage became everyone's swimming pool. What a whopper of a start to the year.

Highlights from February include: taking Abo to see 'Sisters are doing it for themselves' at the Powerhouse. The show starred superstar and friend Irena Lysuik and a surprising rendition of "Oh Happy Day" from me in the audience after completely misreading the cue; mentoring several young people with PCYC's Braking the Cycle program which helps youth acquire 100 hours of experience needed to get their licence; hanging out with Shekinah, Abigail and my self-appointed godson, Otis several times and gifting her all my healthiest plants; and mum making me a three-piece party outfit: top, skirt and matching hat.

Movies I watched this month were (in order from best to worst): Hotel Transylvania. Death On The Nile, Sing 2, and I am up to Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy. Books I read were (in order of worst to best): Hot Under His Collar, Deacon King Kong, and The Attack by Catherine Jinks. The last book really hit home. It was about a kindergarten teacher who was now a camp caretaker for juvenile delinquents. Guys, I currently work in childcare and I want that job in the future! It was like reading a crystal ball.

Thanks for checking in on me this month, thanks for all the birthday wishes, and thank god Sandra is out of Australian Survivor,

xx May

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1 Comment

Mar 10, 2022

I've always wondered... you must be a fast reader. Hope birthday's been great! Enjoy Sydney!

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