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Happy Quismas

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas with the family was spent in Brisbane in November and I spent actual Christmas in Sydney with my housemate/ best friend. We hung a Swedish starlight and made space for a dollar-store Christmas tree. We swapped budget gifts on Christmas eve, attended a midnight mass, and made bacon and eggs on Christmas morning. Bliss! I also received some beautiful Christmas cards and photos from friends. Here’s my favourite which arrived just in time for my blog post! Thank you Opell and Graham. What a great-looking bunch.

With so much free time, I dusted off my sewing machine. My first dress of the year was a 50’s style dress specially made for a Christmas concert. I added a petticoat underneath and at town hall, I twirled around to the end of “What a Wonderful World’. It was a special moment. Next, I sewed three reversible Christmas stockings, and lastly, I sewed a green dress from Peppermint’s free patterns. My next attempts are a fancy dress (also a free Peppermint pattern) and a royal cat cushion for Hershey.

I’m back working full-time at a childcare centre close to my house. It’s lovely. We had a Christmas concert for families, and I was a part of a three-person choir for the event. I took on a bit of an MC role and made a few very lame Christmas jokes in between songs. While I didn’t hear any laughter, one child up front made a very loud ‘oh’ when I landed the punchline to this ditty. “What is your favourite part of the body at Christmas time?” “Your mistle-toes”. Worth it. Other highlights from the month include seeing my friend Xanthe on her short Australian trip, beach times with Merryn, a long facetime with Niall in New Mexico, and making new Sydney friends.

Movies I’ve watched this month are ‘The Swan Princess’ (brilliant as always), ‘The Grinch Stole Christmas’ (how could I not?), “The Holiday’ (very unrealistic this time round), and ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ (fan-bloody-tastic). Shows I continue to watch in my downtime are ‘NYPD Blue’ (ohhh David Caruso), and ‘Scrubs’ (I like it).

Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year. I’ll update you on the goals for 2023 in a month!

Lots of love, May

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