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Craft, Cricket and the Christmas Season

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Happy New Year folks!

It may seem a little late to say so… but it is still January after all. I have been working a lot over the last few weeks, so I’ve decided to only talk about what happened in December (and the next blog post can cover all of January).

To begin, I did many parties this silly season. I had two private party bookings, did several bubblelicious gigs, and reconnected with Amazing Kids Parties to fill out the rest of the Christmas season. It was so so so hot this December. I totally forgot how draining doing high energy parties are in the sweltering heat. It was also a harsh reminder to re-apply sunscreen at every opportunity! My favourite part of the Christmas season was showing my family the giant bubbles after a gig and letting them have a go at making huge bubbles themselves.

I finished my Xmas cards on time this year! It was one of the things on my goals list. I originally wanted to make highly individualised cards that represented my friends in different Christmas movies but I soon realised if this was the case I would not be achieving my goal. So instead I used the same two images and cropped peoples faces on to fit. This year I used the Die Hard posters for the very important men in my life and the Elf outfit for all the very important women in my life. I did a lot of art this Christmas season, which was just lovely. I also did some special requests for friends as Xmas gifts. I’ve had to give up my Adobe subscription (because it’s a silly monthly fee) and instead have invested money into an iPad so that I can continue drawing. Who knows maybe I can make a side hustle out of illustrating.

Lastly, the month of December saw me jet-setting off to Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart with the Ashes Cricketers. I was chosen as one of the nannies from Coastal Babysitters to care for the children of the families on tour. There was a lot of drama with covid the whole tour, I must have been tested more than ten times. But the rest of it was just fantastic. I stayed at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne, the Intercontinental in Double Bay, and Crowne Plaza in Hobart. I took extravagant bubble baths, stashed all the free soaps, and re-watched all Bridget Jones and Men in Black movies. The biggest highlight during the December part of the tour was nannying at the New Years Eve party at Pier One in Sydney, just below the Harbour Bridge… and looking after the children of course. More about this trip in the next blog.

Some more highlights of this month were 1) performing at the open mic Cardigan Bar in Sandgate, 2) using my health insurer to purchase my first transition shades, and 3) getting gifted a real-life motorcycle (thank you very much Lauren, Tysun and Carter)!

Movies this month: Dear Evan Hansen, Encanto, Bridget Jones 1-3, & Men in Black 1-3, finished all of Futurama

Books this month: The Sun Does Shine (about a death row inmate who is eventually found innocent – Oprah recommended)

Shows: A Very Naughty Christmas

See you at the end of the month for my New Year Goals!!!

xx May

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