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Dear 2015...

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

I have very high hopes for you. 2014 was not my favourite year to date and so all you have to do is be better. Okay? Okay.

So NEW YEAR means NEW AGENT! Who saw that one coming? I am so pleased to announce that I am now represented by the lovely Sonya Marturano at RANDOM MANAGEMENT. I’m terribly excited. For the past 3 years I have been represented Natalie Hall Management. They have taught me so much about the industry and given me a great deal of support over the years. Thanks Nat, Sean and Poppy for all you have done for my career. I wouldn’t be where I am without you. So what else you ask (from your computer screen)?

Remember that Bette Midler cabaret I wrote? Well I wrote it! It’s awesome but then… bum bum BUM… a ridiculously talented lady by the name ofCatherine Alcorn is bringing back hers so I have been advised by a few friends to think up something else. But do not fret…. One day, I'll whip my mermaid tail back and forth and sing the hell out of 'Wind beneath my wings'. But just maybe not this year.

I did however take their advice and wrote a different cabaret called ‘The Thing about Her’. I asked 20 lady-friends some questions and collated it all into one character known as 'Her'. If you’re free why don’t you have a peek of an excerpt of the show. I have been selected for the Sydney Heats of Your Theatrics International Cabaret Contest and will be perfoming at Slide on the 15th (that’s this Thursday night). If I get through, I go to the finals and then if I win (fingers crossed), I get to perform the show in pretty much all the major cabaret festivals in Australia and then I get to put on the show in New York. Fully sick mate.

I’ve also I’ve been part of a webseries called Model Pride, been brainstorming more screenplays and transformed into a mermaid for the New Year. Woah! There is a lot of mermaid talk going on in this post. Maybe it’s a sign (please put me on Mako Island! Please put me on Mako Island!). I worked with The Kazoo’s once more and this year I played Millie the Mermaid who competes with her brother Merlin to be crowned Ruler of the Kingdom. It was for the Lord Mayors Picnic held ever year for disadvantages and disabled kids at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

A new year means NEW GOALS. Let me share a few:#1 Breathe - You have time (An important life lesson from actor/teacher Anthony Brandon Wong)#8 Find US representation#9 Guest star in Aussie series#17 Meet Guy Sebastian and many more… Number 11 on the goals list is… Take my Improv to the Next level. What does that mean exactly? I’m not sure but I’m well into it. I performed in Impro Australia's First Thursday Impro Clubs New year show last week and very soon I start my 4-week Groundlings course. GROUNDLINGSSS!!! That’s right! In exactly 13 days I am off to Los Angeles again!!! Why? Because YOLO. A friend told me I should do it every year so it becomes part of my routine. So I’m heading off at 3pm on Australia Day and arriving there at 9am Australia Day. Trippy huh? I’ll definitely get up to lots of mischief but not enough to get me kicked out before the end of my trip.

Wish me safe travels... or don’t. I’ve got travel insurance anyway so I’m covered.xx

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