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Well this is pretty weird, isn't it? I haven't been affected as much as others. I still have my job at a childcare centre (although I've chosen to use annual leave and stay at home while staff numbers are low and disease is spreading). Many of my friends and family have lost their jobs and it's times like these that I am so grateful to have such a good gaggle of geese to depend on for support and financial assistance. I know not everyone is in that position :(

Regardless, I've been keeping busy by planting grass in our backyard as well as becoming a professional gardener (who just this morning found all her sunflower seedlings dying). Other activities include constant studying, playing mafia with random people online and attempting to flirt with people in isolation but getting nothing back (help me cupid!!!). But before I was sent indoors with my asthma and allergies, for the time being, I did achieve some of the goals I set out in March. They were:

  1. Sell & Distribute Zombie Bro - My second quality control passed and now it's all about getting the contract details finite and signed. But my deals are all American deals, so... they've got bigger pandemics to deal with.

  2. Get my Manual Licence - I effing did this! YAS! I did my manual driver lessons with family and professionals. And when I was ready to book the test, I went into the Roads office and they gave me a manual licence without doing the test. That is the stupidest rule ever! Because I swapped an international licence, I qualified for a manual!!! It worked in my favour but really- if I couldn't drive a manual, you would be very concerned having me on the road, having not passed a test. Anyway... this also happened on my birthday so you can imagine my elation. AFTERWORD: After two weeks my licence hadn't arrived, so I called the department AND THEY SENT IT TO MY CANADIAN ADDRESS! They are sending me another one now... but that was a doozy.

  3. Go to Pub Choir - This got cancelled. And I was lazy and didn't do the online one, which I regret because I saw Jane and Alison in it, it looked super fun and I felt major FOMO. Especially because choirs been cancelled. Choir! Cancelled! What has the world come to?!

  4. Shave my hair off - We raised $2044 for the Leukaemia foundation *may dances wildly, doing hula hands and swaying her hips from side to side* Abo willingly came over to do the shave, I set up lights and then we went live. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the people that donated. I got to tick something off my bucket list and now the foundation can help people in need. Win-win. NOTE TO SELF: Use Facebook Live. Instagram Live doesn't automatically save videos and so I lost it all. And Abo's phone didn't record sound.

Other activities in March included celebrating my birthday with close friends at a French Restaurant, having a family party on a rooftop in the city, finally watching "Parasite" biting all my nails off in the process, finishing Ann Rule's "The Stranger Beside Me" of which I could only imagine Zac Efron throughout the book as Ted Bundy, and applying/ being shortlisted for my dream job that I thought required a degree to obtain. It felt like a really good month for me, but because I was having too much luck, the world received too much coronavirus (not currently proven).

However, we must march on. Isolate yourself, wash your hands and whatever you do, do not cough in public (oh the looks you will get, someone demanded I stop coughing on a bus. I only coughed once and it was early March - I can't imagine reactions now). So here are the goals, I will be focusing in the month of April:

  1. Sign the Distribution Contract - Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  2. Do online french classes - I've tried this before and failed. But what's one more try?

  3. Draw Travel Bugs Canada - Sorry Jenn! I am finally getting around to these illustrations.

I'm also going to re-plant sunflowers, read a Love Languages and a Gaslighting book, and finish my Canadian tax.

See you in May... if we are all alive by then.

xx May

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