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Updated: Jan 20, 2019

It’s the 5th of May! Happy (American) Mexican Independence day everyone!!!

What’s news? My DV-2015 entry has ‘not been selected’ so no quick-fix Visa for me for at least another year. Don’t worry though… because I’m not the only one. 

I was part of my second ever TV Series this month. I played the real mother of murderer, Tashia Stuart in Deadly Women Series 8. I played a 23 and 38 year old on the same day. Thanks Beyond Productions for having me onboard.

I was also apart of a NGO campaign called ‘In One Instant’ It’s an advert making you aware of the consequences of being distracted whilst driving. Brought to you by Streetwise Media. Good job Paul, Sophie, Marley, Gary, Claudia and Lucas. It was definitely the shortest shoot I have ever been on. Here it is.

"Did you know there's something that you do everyday that is way more dangerous than diving with sharks? - Watch our new film for 'In One Instant' and find the answer" 

I’m also in the NIDA Open Programs book. WOOOOHOOOOOOOO! JOKES! It’s not me. My brother and best friend discovered the brochure at a store in Newtown and had to take a snappy. Uncanny resemblance though. I sent my CV off to a select few top agents last week and so far no luck. But some have replied politely which is just wonderful. Hopefully something comes of it. Fingers-Crossed.

Aside from that I headed back to Brissy with the Mr for Easter break and he got to meet the family. :) Have a wonderful May everyone! Oh and before I go... The film 'Pop-Up' (where the above image is from) has just 2 days more of shooting till they jetset to Romania to finish the rest of the film. You can check out some of the Behind-the-Scene stills on 'What Xanthe Saw' and/or on the Pop-Up facebook page. If you would like to book tickets for the Premiere, just head on over to our website.

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