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Boring old blog post

ear family and friends,

The countdown is on until I head off to Michigan for my semester exchange in 2024. Obviously, I still have a few months to finish off in Brisbane, but mentally… I am already ice skating on the football field.

This month a tiny spark ignited. I don’t know what it was exactly but all of a sudden, I thought, “Hey you should try to get Australian distribution for your film”. I did a series of emails to Aussie distributors with no luck, but I appreciated any response regardless. That spark led me to re-look at my kid's book series, Travel Bugs. I sent off a heap of enquiries to publishers and mailed out a few submissions too. Fingers crossed for any traction on either front. Social Work is nice, but I need some sort of creative outlet. #Manifestation

Workwise… At placement, I have helped organise some important events: a Welcome Picnic and a Wear It Purple event, and I have even started working with some clients. As for paid work, I am missing The Infants Home more than ever. Every time I work in a casual role at childcare centres, I am reminded of how enjoyable working there was and all the staff and students I miss.

Movies I watched this past month were The Hunger Games films (because once a year is not enough), Puss in Boots (the new one – during babysitting), Elemental (so good) and Asteroid City (weirder than I expected – but to be expected from Wes Anderson). No books this month – I’ve really fallen off the wagon here. But I am still going strong listening to ‘She’s on the Money’, ‘Crime Junkie’ and ‘The Deck’ podcasts and the show NYPD Blue seems to be never-ending (I can’t move on till it's all consumed).

Highlights this month were my brother competing and getting to the finals of a DJ-ing competition, Merryn came over and we went to the Ekka, seeing Post-Modern Jukebox live, playing board games with the family, karaoke with bandmates, and getting back into swimming.

Thanks for reading, May

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