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Hi friends and family,

This post is super late because I really have been doing nothing but studying and working over August and into September.

My French class is over. I wanted to do the next level but I didn’t have enough funds and I wasn’t sure I’d be in Sydney that long. I definitely feel like I learnt more French in the class than on any app or self-learning over the past 5 to 10 years. So I suggest going to a language school. On our last day, we went to a French creperie and the teacher bought us two bottles of cider to share. We also made a card for him based on his favourite French commercial.

In August, I lost my nanny position because the kids abruptly moved interstate. My favourite little munchkins disappeared without any notice and I'm sad not to have had a proper farewell. Financially, I was a little bit stressed because I didn’t have work for a week but I managed to score a casual position as a playgroup assistant and childcare educator at a childcare centre 10 minutes walk from me, starting a week after losing the last position. I started those roles at the end of August and so I guess I’ll mention more of that in my next blog.

In other August news, I’m still going to board games nights on Mondays, I housesat for a pup in Marrickville, I attended an online AWG conference about ABC Kids film and TV content, I went on my first Sydney boat cruise, I’m studying a helluva lot and I am more confident with my DND character. I’ve begun a new campaign where I was chosen as the leader for my crew so I’m feeling chuffed in both the imaginary world and this one.

The main book I read this month was 'The Four Agreements'. My university counsellor recommended it and two of them really stuck with me. The first was to be impeccable with your word. I am guilty of saying negative things about people when I’m frustrated and stressed. So I’m trying to get a handle on that. The second one that really stuck with me was about not making assumptions. It was about how for strangers you don’t make assumptions, you just take them as they are but with people you are closest to, you make many assumptions because you think you know them the best.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember any of the movies I watched this month but I definitely watched them because it’s my main self-care strategy. What I did finish was 'Only Murders in the Building'. Great show- sheesh what a cast! Who knew I would like Selena Gomez that much?

Talk later folks!

May xx

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