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Uni's back! Let do this!!!

Hi everyone, it's August. I'm back at university, although when I say that, I mean I am back online on Zoom for all my lectures and I'm spending a lot of time sitting in a chair at a computer. I don't like it guys. I get serious bumess numbess. #primaryschoolflashbacks

But in all seriousness... when do the law balls start? While my gal pals were in university, I swear I saw them in fancy gowns every single weekend looking god damn beautiful. Where's my ACU lawyer friends who need gorgeous 28-year-old dates for their balls? Oh right. COVID. That must be the only reason I'm not being invited... right? University is fantastic. Finally, I have a group I can talk to about the world's injustices. Like the other day, my brother came home and didn't feel like talking about child trafficking which I was in full swing off. And today at university, a girl sitting in front of me started a conversation about CHILD TRAFFICKING! I have found my people, people!

On the film front (I know, I thought I would stop mentioning "Zombie Bro" after I signed the contract too), I have some final fixes before it is all publicised by the distributor. And this time, I was surprisingly not as anxious and a mess about editing. Because *DRUM ROLL* I got a new laptop. And by new, I mean my dad's old laptop! I've got a Lenovo Yoga laptop that is touchscreen and I even have a pen to match and now I can friggen sketch on the thing! If you've been keeping up to date with these blog posts, that means I can finally get a move on with these bloody Travel Bug pictures. What a hoot! Anywho movie-wise, the creative cloud suite worked on my laptop because it's recent enough that all their products work on it. I had to fix the end title sequence so that it became title safe and I used After Effects and guys... the last time (and only time) I ever used the product was in 2018, and I remembered everything! This girl is getting her groove back!

Creatively, my workplace has let me paint a massive mural in the front area of the centre. It's classic May: Sunflowers, butterflies, swans, fairies and a few cute ladybugs. I started by sugar soaping the wall (thanks mum and dad for training me young with washing walls), then I free-hand drew on the design with a permanent marker. I then painted the first coat on and now I'm in the stage of a second coat. Lastly, I have to re-outline it and POOF! an artwork comes alive. It might stay there forever and one day, when I'm gone, people will drive miles just to take a photo in front of it! Probably not, but I do hope that in the future I can drive by and tell my kids I drew it and they'll think I'm somewhat a big deal. Ya know. #goals

"May you've lost weight on your face... yeah, you are slimmer". That's right guys. It's been confirmed by at least one person in my life that my fitness workouts are paying off. I also just joined my first ever gym. I'm 28, my metabolism was doing well until now but just like my smartest friend in the world (Shekinah on the right) predicted, my body is shutting down on me. First, my ovary twists out, secondly, I'm feeling sick in the belly after I eat cheesy things and lastly my McDonalds diet isn't working for me anymore. #mcdonaldsforlife My gym is fully sick though. There's a heated pool and for some ridiculous reason, no one is using it. So instead of sharing lanes at the local swimming pool, I'm taking my sweet time in the gym's pool. Since joining I've done boxing (great), pilates (also great), Tabata (super great) and cycling (the worst experience I've ever signed up for). It's awesome, now I just have to commit to it long term, since it's a 6 months contract. Go me!

Only one book this month - "The Automobile Club of Egypt". Egypt is so cool. God, I really want to go to Egypt. So much culture. If you didn't already know, just like "CSI Miami", pink doughnuts and the movie "Ratatouille"... I LOVE Egypt. Nefertiti. Anck Su Namun. #themummyfranchise. Movie-wise, "The Babadook" was awesome and looked so cheap to film. Not so cheap with its post-production though, the sound design was epic and would have taken ages to get right. I've also finally watched "The Kissing Booth" and even though the acting is just horrendous, I really liked Noah because he looks like Tom Cruise, who I love just as much as Egypt.

Other highlights of my July were that I learnt how to make roti's from a coworker and her non-English speaking mother, I grew my first ever yellow tulip and I finally have rainbow coloured hair dyes to experiment with!

This month's goals include 1) seeing my sunflowers emerging out of their buds 2) finalising my films deliverables 3) drawing a travel bugs image once a day and 4) recording some self-tests like I used to.

See you in September! xx May

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