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Changing My Plans... Yet Again

Happy May y'all. If you saw any of the memes or tiktoks of N'Sync's 'It's Gonna Be Me', I hope you thought of me. I know my sister did because she sent me every single one that came her way.

In April, I ticked two things off my 'Bigass Bucket List'. I ran in a fun run and I finally visited Madame Tussauds. Merryn and I both signed up for Run2Cure at the start of the year, a 10 km fun run supporting Neuroblastoma research. We had implemented our own exercise routines in the lead-up. Mine consisted of running a kilometre, then walking half a kilometre and so forth. But when the rainy day arrived, no one was walking so I kept the jog up for as long as I could before walking/dancing to Jason Derulo's hits and sprinting at the end for what I thought was going to be a nice photo. I finished the 10 km in 70 minutes which according to Google is completely average for a generally fit individual. As for Madame Tussauds, I really don't know why I hyped it up so much in my mind. It literally is a few rooms full of wax figurines. I will say though, I was surprised at how tall celebrities are. I thought I was relatively tall but once again according to Google, I am a completely average height for a woman.

The big change of the year goes to the postponement of exchange... yet again. I was waiting for approval on some units for my stint in Michigan, but four days before the housing deadline, I received only three approvals when I needed four. Naturally, I raged a little, then cried a little, but then I began a path of finding every possible way to make it happen regardless of the setback and thanks to my UniSC Exchange team, I will still be going on exchange with three units but not until next semester. Many of my yearly goals were based in Michigan like experiencing Thanksgiving and Halloween in the USA but I guess I can just do those things when I eventually live there. #manifesting

I spent a lot of time with my housemate and best friend over April which was really special. I've always wanted to fulfil the dream of living with your best friend and now I have. We went out on adventures like going to Retrosweat, a Comedy Gala night, trivia at The Golden Age Cinema and running the 10 km together. We also had some really special moments together like eating late-night baklava with tea, watching movies, reading in the lounge to instrumental music, and walking on the bay run. I'll really miss it. I imagine now that we are in our thirties we won't get the chance to live together again for a long time... not until we are widows at age seventy.

Talking about movies... I got to watch a huge amount of movies this month due to the Easter long weekend, and my second positive covid result. I watched The Mummy, Dungeons & Dragons, all of The Hunger Games, Disenchanted, Anastacia, Knives Out, Glass Onion and Luckiest Girl Alive. My favourite was probably The Hunger Games because Peeta Mellark is my type of man. I also watched all of Love is Blind Season 4 (bless you Marshall), This is Us Season 6 (I've been putting it off because I know its the last season), and the never-ending NYPD Blue (because once I start a show, I must finish it). I didn't like my April book but you might... 'Her Bodies & Other Parties' by Carmen Maria Machado.

Some other highlights in April include hanging out with Sydney pals, going on a solo trip to the aquarium, rejoining the Belmore DnD group, singing with the Australian Music Theatre Choir, rejoining board game nights because Monday Oztag is over, volunteering for the Starlight Ball, and being in the same room as Guy Sebastian and Jason Derulo (*this is the Voice*).

Thanks for checking in and I'll update you next in June.

Much love, May

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