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The Easter Parade, Puppies, and Best Pals

Updated: May 31, 2022

Dear friends and family,

I’ve been focusing on smashing assessments left, right and centre this past month. So I haven’t really got up to much but...

I went to the Royal Easter show this month. I’ve always wanted to go to the Easter show because I love the Ekka back home in Brisbane but I gotta say... I wasn’t that impressed. I did climb into a very cool firetruck but they don’t have strawberry sundaes and they didn’t have the flying pigs show (the ones that swim). Also... the Woolworths pavilion was not handing out as much as they normally do (probably because of Covid). I was very disappointed... I only got a spoonful of butter chicken. The best part of the Easter show was probably looking at all the different sizes of chickens, waiting in line for a not-very-haunted house, and watching the fireworks with lovely company.

I started the month of April in a housesit looking after a 12-month chocolate labrador named Bosley. He was a handful. You couldn’t leave anything within his reach otherwise he would tear it to shreds. The first morning, I made a coffee and left the milk on the counter. When I next came back to the kitchen, milk was everywhere. There was also an evening that I returned home to a remote torn to bits (I obviously had not put the remote far enough on the table). He had A LOT of energy, so... if I ever got a dog I would want to get an old dog because young dogs are a bit hyper.

While I was at that house my dear friend Irena came over and visited Sydney. We danced to drag numbers, we sang Céline Dion loudly, and we saw the Phantom of the Opera at the Handa Opera stage!!! Irena bought me heels for a late birthday gift that I wore to the event. Unfortunately, we underestimated my heel ability and very soon the beautiful beige heels had ripped into my skin, and I was tripping over almost everything. At one stage, as I was overlooking the theatre with the Harbour Bridge and the Opera house in the background, I took such a big tumble that there were maybe like four or five older men that helped me back up. #bucketlistitem

But alas, it wasn’t all hunky-dory this month. There were a few moments that crept up on me that reminded me of needing to book a counsellor. I really should be utilising the free university counselling while I have it. I really like therapy when you connect with the right professional. The one I recently had was great. She validated my experiences and named them in ways that I could understand. I can’t go into what I talked about but I am here to say that if you need to talk to someone you should definitely try therapy. It is literally their job to listen to you complain or rant or debrief about anything in your life.

Other highlights this month include an impromptu hike and beach trip with my friend Merryn, zooming with my UK bestie Niall, and attempting a poke and stick tattoo on my ankle (it’s gonna look like a charm bracelet).

Lastly, I finished Bridgerton (very PG this season), watched Love is Blind S2 (RIP Team Malvador) and finished Survivor AU (still mourning George’s loss from last year). I read a book during uni break called K is for Killer (not great), and I saw a lot of movies: The Lost City (pretty alright), Morbius (cool movie aside from the ridiculous love interest storyline which makes absolutely no sense), Turning Red (very good and gave me good Toronto flashbacks), and Everything Everywhere All At Once (the greatest film I’ve seen in a very long time).

That’s it for now… update you later after May.


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