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2017 Acting Adventures... finally up to date

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Dear Readers,

It's October! What have I even accomplished this year?! Read on... I dare you.

Well we finally wrapped principal photography on ZOMBIE BRO and are currently on the post-production side of things. I have been working closely with my editor, David Kelly, but we are still a while off having a final cut. But from what we have already… it is one great movie.

But I thought I’d use this blog to mention all of things I did before this whole movie making experience happened.

In May, I wrote, directed and starred in a short film for the Rode Reel Short Film Competition titled EXIT NOW. Unfortunately we didn’t win anything but I do get a free T-Shirt for being in the competition!!! It’s also the first youtube video I have published that has gotten so many dislikes. 6 dislikes and 8 likes. I must have really pissed off some people with the content. You can judge for yourself.  Thanks Mansoor Noor for starring alongside me, and Zac Hardaker for making it look so good.

In April, I packed my travel bag and headed down to Hobart for the first time to the Stranger With My Face Film Festival. I wrote a script as part of the Tasmanian Gothic Scriptwriting Competition, and it was selected as a finalist. It’s titled RACE and I was given two days to write it. It had to contain the words “I wish I was…”, a goat and a ballerina. And I got a highly commended award! You can read the piece online. I had the best time, especially because I got to hang out with Katrina Graham, a filmmaker from Queensland, who introduced me to heaps of other creatives and I couchsurfed with a the owner of Island Curries himself, Rob!

In July, I was my first play since 2010. CABIN PRESSURE by Bitesize Productionswas at 107 Projects Theatre in Redfern for two nights only. I played the sassy and sexy air hostess that considered Cosmopolitan her bible and sought to fix every relationship with “50 ways to spice up your sex life” and “why he’s cheating on you". I even got a sneaky review... "Scarlet definitely stole the show with her vivacious and commanding manner." Check out the full review here.

In August, I graced the stage with some notable comedians for AN EVENING WITH HOLLYWOOD SUPERSTAR LESLIE RASH, a comedy show by Clinton Haines in which we were thrown in the deep end and had to improvise the heck out of anything Leslie threw at us. It was a laugh. 

I also got new headshots in August by the oh-so-talented Mansoor Noor. Check out his website then book him!

Start of September, I subbed as a Drama Teacher and it was so much fun!!! I got to re-live my high school days of playing improv games and acting silly. I highly recommend it. Thanks to Sonya Marturano and Kat Risteka for thinking of me.

And just last weekend, I starred in PO-MO LI-LO (Post Modern Lindsay Lohan) at the Crack Theatre Festival in Newcastle. It’s a work in progress piece by my brother Coleman Grehan and I was lucky enough to work with him on it. I must have uttered the word’s “post-modernism" at least forty times and felt completely out of my element but it was an absolute pleasure to work with him and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Speaking of which, we made a track! Here's the demo to BREATHE IN.

And finally in other news... The Army Within is up on youtube and has more than 100,000 views! Check it out here. And Pop-Up is still travelling the globe winning awards. Last I heard we screened at the Down Under Berlin Festival! And before that the film screened in Hollywood at the Chinese Theatre no less, for the Dances With Films Festival

And that’s all for now! If you haven’t heard enough of me yet, you can click on the tab at the top of this page or click the link to our Soundcloud and listen to Maizie & Mez’s Take on Europe that had me on hiatus for 7 months. 

Happy Halloween October! xx May

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