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2016 Breakthrough Year!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Hello there!!!

I am back from my European adventure which stopped me from blogging for 6 whole months! You are probably thinking what incredible acting adventures did she get up to in that time... Maybe she was snapped up by Jennifer Lawrence’s agent as she walked through the streets of Los Angeles because she looks so much like her and now she’s never coming back. Nope. I’m in Sydney. I’m back for the long term and my insufficient funds mean I probably won’t have a trip like that in the next 500 years. But I’m not too sad because a new year comes new goals and I have some pretty big ones this year.

But before I get onto that...

I’ll let you know what acting news I did get up to whilst globetrotting. I was a special guest at the Hyperdrive Sci-Fi Film Festival in London town for our movie 'The Army Within’. We snapped up a best special effects award and I got to be part of a Q&A. It went well, I met some fans and got to sign the programme of a ten year old who was very flattered. So now I know exactly how it feels to be a celebrity. It feels great… Just great. Special thanks to my best pal Niall for being my bodyguard and as always excellent company.

Also floating around out there is the feature film 'Pop-Up'. Last I heard it was at the Bronx International Festival, check out an article here. I play Yana, the ex of one of the leading characters.

But what are the goals for this year? 

Thanks for asking.

1. Start my own kids entertainment business.

2. Become fluent in French

3.  Shoot all of ‘Zombie Bru’

If you remember well, I wrote 'Zombie Bru' early 2014 for Australians in Film’s Screenwriting Gateway Programme. Since then it’s entered screenwriting competitions but mostly it’s been sitting in my computer collecting dust (or megabytes?). So after re-reading and laughing on every page for the past 2 years I’ve decided to shoot the damn thing. I’m saving $10 000, getting a killer cool team together and shooting the whole thing over 2 to 3 weeks later in the year. Zombie Bru is a comedy about a 10 year old boy who must kill his flesh-eating zombie brother before he turns the rest of the family and steals his girlfriend. If you are interested in becoming part of the crew, message me and you can check out the script. All the actors are Maori so all my whitey actor friends will have to settle for crew. I’m looking for a 10 year old boy, a 13 year old boy, a man in his 40’s and a woman in her 40’s. Know anyone? Refer them.

What else?

I had an audition for ATYP’s 'Spring Awakening'. My housemate let me know they were doing late auditions (after I got back from LA) so I enquired and got one. To my surprise I got called back for Ilse and WENDLA!!! Incredible. Would be cool to reprise the show I had so much fun doing at QPAC in 2011. My dancing is not tops so it’s one of the only musicals I really fit.

I’ve also been a crazy Starnow girl since getting back, applying non-stop. I’ve had a few self tapes from that but other than that I’m no closer to being on 'Neighbours' or 'Home and Away'. And then I’ve got some skits to release later in the month.

In conclusion...

I really just want to shoot stuff. There is only so much waiting around you can do, especially if you have a knack for writing the type of stuff you later want to star in. So this year is about making a killer first film that will get me connections to shoot the next, but with funding next time and some celebrities mixed into the cast.

See you in March!

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