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15 Weeks till Christmas

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

The year is almost over. When did that happen? So what's the hap? I've just been doing this Book Week tour all month. I loved it the first time for the experience, but by the fourth tour I think I'm over it. Not the kids, NOT THE PAY but knowing that performing for children in schools is not going to do anything for my career. There's no networking with Kindergarten kids, they've got better things to do (like learn how to properly speak).

This is my second contract with Perform Educational Musicals and I recommend the company and the shows to everyone. It's an hour long musical based on the Children Council's shortlisted books. Lots of singing, lots of dancing (not the hard kind THANK GOD) and fun quirky characters. They usually have auditions on in March every year.

I also did a MEAA workshop with Miranda Harcourt. She is a director, actor, playwright and acting coach (I'm sure I've missed some other credits as well). I really enjoyed it. Lots of people I recognised there on the day. She reminded me that how the scene ends should be different from how the scene starts, otherwise it wouldn't be in the script.

And then I finally met Thea McLeod. She is just so cool. So funny and quick. Tip: She likes Peppermint Tea. That's all I got. But she likes looking for fresh new talent and especially people who look 17 and will look 17 for a long time (just helps with high school aged roles on Neighbours). Highly recommend going to Tafta's workshops with Thea, just to get your face in front of her. They run fairly regularly. Oh just a reminder... getting on Neighbours is a sure way to get that O1 visa you want. It's also showing in the US now so it would also start your career over there already.

Remember that Actor's Scholarship video I put up and you all watched? Well another huge mega thanks for that. I got into the Top 22 and had the chance to win $5000 but alas a young lady name Gemma Bird Matheson won with the same monologue. You can compare the two here. Personally I like my version better but maybe I'm biased. Check out the Actors Process, Clareinterviews great people in the industry, here and in the US.

Ooh A "Classic May" moment happened. I missed a Melbourne Acting Academy workshop. Turned up in the wrong day (in the rain may I add). Check your dates. MAA has one in Sydney and then Melbourne the next day and vice-versa, so reconfirm when you are getting there. I thought it was $89 down the drain but luckily Stevie Ray (McGregor Casting) is a top dude and checked out the selftest I recorded, since I missed out. It's always way better getting in front of the director. Bonding time guys. Important bonding time.

I did another MAA workshop earlier in the week with Barrett Castings, Natalie Wall. She is beautiful, she looks so much like Liv Tyler and has her essence as well. I've never auditioned for Barrett Casting and jumped at the opportunity to get my face in front of half the casting team. Hopefully I did well... but only time will tell. I get a video recording in another 3 weeks, then you can judge for yourself.

My housemate, Mansoor, has also started doing Selftest days every fortnight for all our acting friends. We record the same script, watch it over and discuss. Here's my take on Skylar in Good Will Hunting.

Whats happening this month? I'm glad you asked.

I'm in my first Tropfest film. It's hella cool and I cannot wait for it to win the whole darn thing. It's about Paul the Rabbit. A man with a rabbit head. I'm his supportive and very human-headed girlfriend Jess, we shoot this weekend.

I'm also the lead in another short film in which I basically play myself. Just Another Fish. A young woman who is having a meltdown after being dumped and then turns out her ex is now gay. No wonder I got the part.

And then I am the lead in an independent feature titled The Cottonwood Fence shooting later this year. It's the story of Leigh, a young woman who has been training her whole life to join the forces that is forced to move to the country where she questions what she really wants to do with her life.

And that's it! I'll let you know what other exciting oppurtunities present themselves in the next blog.

Good yonder. xx

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