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Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Welcome to the second half the year everyone. I cannot wait to lodge my tax and get my money back. All that cashhhhhhhhh... or internet cashhhhhhhh. Well team, it’s a little under FIVE WEEKS till I leave for London! Incredible. But before I go...

I’m shooting a feature length piece titled ‘Roomates’ by Matthew Georgethis week. It’s about a guy named Jake who experiences the trials and tribulations of moving out from his parents place. I play Kylie, a girl he hits on at a party.

We are shooting more of ‘The Cottonwood Fence’ as well. We started shooting early last year and due to everyones availability it’s been pushed back and back but now we’re getting shit down. So here we go!

Then to top it off I’m on set for the untitled Floating Maze short film. I play Beth, the new girl in town who finds friendship with two badass chicks. I’ll be shooting that in my downtime. What downtime? Exactly.

I’m still apart of the Leigh Pickford masterclass (Maura Fay Casting). This coming Tuesday is the last day and we are doing cold reads… my favourite. It’s been good! Unfortunately though, everytime I rock up to class I’m either not well prepared or sick, so I don’t think I’m getting the best out of it. Wahhh.

I’m part of the Likewise Festival of Improvising Women this July. It's every Wednesday at 7:30 at Hive Bar. Tickets are $10 at the door or two for $10 online. It’s long-form, so it’s not gamey. Just some ladies up on stage, making stuff up and being either hilarious or unbelievably real.

And then I’m working, working and also working.

July is packed, I’ll be exhausted for the majority of it but hey I get to go on holiday in a month for FIVE months. Incredible.

xx May

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