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Therapy, Investing and Agent Hunting

Well, I missed a month... but that's normal ain't it. I don't really know what to update you with. I mean, It's been two very assignment heavy months. I've got 3 more weeks of year one of my Bachelor of Social Work. What I've learnt is that university goes very quickly, I hate writing essays and people drop out like nobodies business!

Aside from studies, I've started seeing a therapist to go through a few rotten experiences I had in Toronto. We are using EMDR therapy to revisit traumatic memories that still trigger me today with these weird hand vibration things and rapid eye movements. It was pretty cool. At the start of the session explaining a certain event made me cry and reliving this small moment was emotionally draining, but after looking at it in detail with EMDR and with my therapist, I can now talk about the event with more clarity and no tears. Which is a huge deal for me. So yay!

I started listening to "She's On the Money". My friends Bridget and Jess recommended the podcast and it's fun. Since I've stopped spending dollars on Zombie Bro, I've started saving money and that saving means that I've begun my adventure in investing. One of the episodes mentioned that if you'd put away $500 per month when you were 18, you would be a millionaire when you retire. I'm two months in with two different amounts of shares and it's pretty slow, but pretty exciting too. It kind of feels like a really long pokies machine.

Most recently I applied for a job, a Youth Creative job. It involves scheduling and running art, music and drama workshops for disadvantaged youths. I want it. I want it so bad! Wouldnt that be just the bee's knees to get a position like that. One that encompasses all my arts training and experience with my passion for social justice.

Lastly, I have bleached my hair for the last time in a long time because I'm going back to normal hair colour to get an agent. Let me tell y'all, I loathe agent hunting. I haven't been unrepresented in a very long time and it is just the pits. I keep getting FOMO when I read all about Queensland Productions and I so desperately want to be involved. Acting in Australia is bloody rough. In Toronto, I had around 2 auditions a week and in Australia, I was lucky to get 1 a year. So even if you're a good actor in Australia, you will possibly never get any work because you don't have an agent and because there's no bloody work!

Anyway, I won't leave you on a rotten note. My roses are out, spring is here and Queensland is COVID free.

See you next month for an update of the job and Zombie Bro! Much love, May

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