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Halloween, Hits and a Hot Ben Affleck

Hello dear friends, family and followers,

Happy Halloween to all - big, small, cute and scary. This year, I wore a cow-print dress and imitated Cruella Deville both at work and at a Halloween parade. It was my cheapest costume by far, only costing the bleach damage to the right side of my hair. #worthit

The biggest thing to happen last month was that I resigned from my role at day-care. My last blog spoke about being forced into a position that wasn’t working with my university commitments and when my exam leave was not accepted – I chose to resign (in addition to a lot of other reasons which I can’t get into). While I have no real plans to pick up work until exams are over, I managed to score a before and after school care interview just this week. The role would suit my studies a little better as its a lot more flexible. I have enjoyed working with the staff and children at Taigum Kids early learning centre and am so glad to have left my artistic touch all over the centre.

My short-lived band, Ryan’s Road, did a 30-minute gig at the Windsor Bowls club one weekend in October. I don’t want to toot my own horn: but we sounded great. We even made the first page of the ‘Bands in Brisbane’ October newsletter. We are basically band royalty now. While the bandleader has moved off to the sunshine coast, the rest of us are still hoping to get out and about in Brisbane playing hits from the 60s. Luckily, I was raised on two golden oldies karaoke vcds, so I’m covered for the material. Bee Gees and Creedence Clearwater here I come!

The third biggest thing that's happened is that I am at the end of my fourth semester of university. This last semester, I decided to take on five units and I did it! At one point, I had an essay due every week for about five weeks, but I managed it all and feel really proud of myself. I only have three exams left over the next two weeks and then I am free… to focus on the diploma I started in February. No rest for the wicked.

Books I’ve read this month are the whole 'Criminological Theories' textbook from my crime theories class (yes this totally counts), 'Living with Evil' by Cynthia Owen, and 'The Fault in our Stars' by John Green. I always forget how much I like reading. Sometimes I get so caught up in scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, that suddenly it's bedtime and I feel like I wasted my whole day. So this is a reminder for everyone and myself, get a book and read instead!

Movies include 'The Last Duel', 'Eternals' (watch out for the cringe sex scene), 'In the Heights' and 'Armageddon'. The greatest part about all the films I watched this month is that two of them had in their cast, Mr Ben Affleck. This guy is just so attractive. I’d never seen Armageddon before, and a cinema close by shows older movies once a week. My goodness, his face is so fricken beautiful. I’ve never felt so connected to Jennifer Lopez. More recently he was in 'The Last Duel', and even though he’s a rich dickhead and has lost his boyish charm, he is still very very handsome.

In other news, I’ve acquired two beautiful cats in the last month from a friend of a friend and I am looking forward to a stress-free uni break.

Talk soon in December and please remind me to get on top of my Christmas cards, May

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