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I'm going to be on a Podcast!

Hi December, you sexy thing. Last night I wrote in my journal that I was so proud of where I am at. That this time last year, I was questioning my move back to Brisbane, I felt like I'd given up on my film career and was stepping into the unknown territory of what my future would be. But now, I feel great. I've got new goals, new passions ad I am really looking forward to the future.

I've now transferred my credits over to the University of Sunshine Coast. While I haven't got them approved yet, I've already enrolled in a handful of second-year courses because I'm sure it will work out. I get so excited telling people I am doing a Bachelor of Criminology and I'm so looking forward to finding out what types of careers are open to me at the completion of my course. Even if I go back to filmmaking, I am sure my study in the field, as well as in social work, will give me a heap of knowledge to make my film work have even more meaning.

I talked to a banker about home loans too this past month. For the longest time, I just kind of assumed that everyone putting up "SOLD" pictures of houses meant that they'd saved up the $400,000+ cost and smacked it down on the real estate desk and said "I've finally saved enough for my dream home!". I totally forgot that mortgages are everywhere and someone my age is definitely paying of one (unless they were gifted a home, which is just dandy). With my mother by my side translating information, we mentioned a property that caught my eye and with his calculations, the banker man said at a minimum, I only had to save another $10,000. This my friends is a bloody miracle. This means that around September 2021, I could be living in a house that I am allowed to paint! That's the dream, isn't it? When the Sims becomes a reality.

Workwise, I am pretty excited for 2021. I have an incredible Youth Services Team and an amazing boss who delegates well and is super duper supportive. I've also found other Youth Services on Instagram, who have great events calendars which are giving me heaps of inspiration. I ran a movie night for a few clients on Friday, and while it wasn't a full house, it was still an awesome night. We started with some karaoke, I taught all the clients how to froth their own milk on a huge coffee machine, we watched the Grinch and finished off with some charades. The best part of it all though, was when they were leaving, they were excited to come to the next one and boasted about making new friends. Ahh, my heart. So I'm really looking forward to the new year, so that I can provide a heap of events that create positive memories for the youth in my area.

Now onto "Zombie Bro" news. A few people have seen the poster around, and if you haven't... that's actually good because the poster is on every god damn illegal streaming site you can name. Google Alerts sends me an email with a million mentions of Zombie Bro daily, and they are all linked to illegal sites. Please please please, if you want to see my movie - just wait a little longer. It comes out on December 29th on Apple TV, Google Play, Prime Video and Fandango Now. And when you love it so so much, you can buy it on DVD from Indican Pictures on January 26th. Buy an Aussie film on Australia day! Hmm... maybe they planned it.

My first little bit of publicity since signing the film over is happening tomorrow. I am speaking on a podcast about the whole filmmaking thing. How I assembled the crew, how long it took to film, how long it took to do post-production and what film festivals were like, etc. I think I'll do a good job. Although it's my first time, so like anyone else in the same position, I'm a little nervous that I'll make a fool of myself and say something that comes to bite me in the ass one day. More news on that when the podcast is out!

Anyway, that's it for November. Looking forward to Christmas parties and potato bakes over the next few weeks. Merry Christmas you beautiful humans

xx May

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