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It's November, which can only mean...

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

So it’s November, which can only mean… everyone signed up for the Green Card Lottery last month. If you didn’t… GREAT! I have more of a minuscule chance of getting it. It’s only a matter of time everybody. Only a matter of time… So this October, I started my Trivia Hosting job and was hosting Trivingo (Trivia and Bingo) for Thinker Entertainment at the Bexley RSL on Wednesdays… but then the club cancelled and I once again became jobless. Oh the trials of a struggling actor continue.

I got my first ever Blueprint Studio headshots and they are just beautiful. I highly recommend you use them. Carly and Kurt are just the kindest people and they make you feel so comfortable. Oh and your photos are just phenomenal. Just look!

Pop-Up began filming in October and I was proposed to, drank lots of Saxby’s and interviewed by Chris Taylor from the Chasers. Very exciting stuff. Can’t say the same about the commute to Newcastle however. Check out Director Stuart McBratney, Chris Taylor and I at the Interview shoot. I’ve still got another shoot before I wrap on this project.

I appeared in a new web-series titled It’s a Dole Life by Knife & Fork Productions as a trashy receptionist. My second receptionist role to date.

I completed my first International Film School Sydney (IFSS) short film title Can You Feel Me. It’s the story of a mixed-race couple and the prejudice of Australians in the late 80s. It was a long shoot but we got some great ‘money shots’ said the Director, Parv Dandona. I also got to hang out with Alex Osmond all week and pretend he was my boyfriend, so it was great. ;)

I also caught up with some awesome individuals in October…

Gil Balfas, the creater of Actor Aware and I met up and talked about monetizing videos on Youtube, going to LA and lots of countless useful stuff.

I also try my best to attend the Wrap Networking Party every 2nd Month of the year. It’s a great opportunity to network with directors, writers and everyone in the film industry. I met Andrew Miles (Writer/ Director of Fragment) for the second time through this and had a great long talk about life and the industry. Just a pleasure.

So what’s next…

I haven’t got anything major lined up for November. Although I’m doing my first Faith Martin Workshop on the 17th and in December, I’ll be starring as Natasha in Puppy Love by Roya Pakzad. It’s the story of two performers that fall in love and who rescue a poor dog from the streets. I won’t give too much more away. Gil Balfas is my co-star and I can’t wait, it’s the first really quirky role I’ve played since 2011. And then… I’M GOING TO AMERICA!

Los Angeles to be exact. My flights and insurance are all paid for. The TVI 5-day Course is payed for. Now all I have to do is work out where I am staying, hire a car, find a US Manager, hopefully get representation, sign up for the Visa Waver Program and save lot and lots of money. Maybe that’s what I will spend my November on.

Have an amazing November, only 3 weeks till Christmas!

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