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Mayday and more...

Happy mother's day to all your mothers out there! I celebrated mine by giving my mum a subscription to a magazine with her name on it and some cupcakes made by the niece and I. Very fun. What's not fun... was April.

Nothing much to add here guys. I spent all of April finishing up three assignments and accomplishing none of the below April to-dos:

  1. Sign the Distribution Contract - My QC was passed. Now I'm just waiting for the distributor to send through an updated contract.

  2. Do online french classes - Messaged my friend Brennan who agreed to do french calls and I've not organised one. I'm terrible.

  3. Draw Travel Bugs Canada - Did none of this. Which is ridiculous because I love drawing and travel. I do not know what is wrong with me?!?!?!

...Therefore, these will be my May to-dos.

Instead, I finished a book on Gaslighting which would have helped me locate my feelings while in my last relationship, but was a little too late this time. Still though, really helped hash out some of the events that happened back in Toronto and the whole "why am I so confused all the time", "another anxiety attack?" and "I am so utterly disappointed in everything" feelings that went with my now extinguished flame. I am also halfway through a very interesting book by Anne Deveson about her son with schizophrenia. #recommendation

In other news, I may be becoming a 'biological mother' this month, as I'm looking forward to hearing good news from the parents I donated my eggs to last year. Obviously, I'm just the biological donor, but nevertheless, it's great news to know that my eggs are being used to create another life just over the pond in Canada. Congratulations you two, and all the best with your delivery!

And that's all folks. Stay safe, do some gardening and start planning your roadtrips in your own countries because I don't think travel bans are going to stop anytime soon.

Much love from that purple and pink-haired girl,


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