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May About May

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

It happens every year! But this time it happened in May. I got slack. This blog is 31 days overdue. Tsk Tsk.

But to be honest, fair enough. Nothing has happened in 2017 really. Have I done any acting? No. Have I done anything in the realm of the entertainment industry? No. So apologies to the people who read this for the update on all the cool arts stuff I do. It seems like this blog is just updating you on my little ole life at the moment. So stop reading now otherwise it may get terribly boring.  :/ First up, since my last blog, The 8-Tracks have performed two gigs. The first at Eggfest in Warner and the second at the Norris State School Fete in Bracken Ridge. While the first gig was fun, my favourite was the second, where I completely lost my place at the start of "Reach Out (I'll Be There)" and when I blanked on the third verse of "Stop In The Name Of Love" and sang nothing. Classic May. It's been fun. I'll let you know about our next gig when it comes around.

Secondly, since I last wrote to you, I have finished all my Certificate 3 in Childcare Services assessments! Woohoo! This involved doing 120 Vocational Placement hours at a childcare service and another eight assessments, which are now submitted. Yew! When do I get my certificate? Not sure. But you can be sure I'll post about it and then, believe it or not, I'll start working full-time somewhere. That's a very crazy normal thing for me to do, we will see if it sticks. Oh and I also got my first aid certificate. No biggie. Just capable of saving lives.

In Party Host news, I've been doing face-painting at a few fetes and open days and this month I got my first Brisbane party booking! Hurrah! I was a fairy and made the costume the day before, including my impressive wings that look like they are attached to my back. Cool right? (Yes. Very cool May.)

And to end on a light and happy note... Ladies and Gentlemen, I am back. I've paid off my loan from March (to my parents) and am officially saving again. I'm an independent woman again. Thanks Beyonce. And Kelly... and I guess Michelle too.

Anyway that's all the news from me. Hope you have enjoyed the month of May just as I have and I'll see you at some point in June with some (hopefully) more news about some creative projects.

Cya! xx May

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