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First of all, congratulations to the Canadian’s who received my eggs about a year ago because now they have a baby! Hurrah! Woot! Woot! We are not anonymous, we contact each other by email occasionally and I’ve seen photos of the baby. It’s a boy and it was born in May. How super darn cute. So congratulations to them and I hope they are able to use the rest of the eggs to make an even bigger family.

Study wise, I’m currently in between exams. I have three this semester and I’ve just completed one this morning and have two later in the week. I am just amazed at how quickly time goes. Just imagine if I’d have started this course instead of moving to Canada two years ago, I’d be 5/8 of the way through and I'd have way less trauma. So I’m glad, that in late December, I decided to enrol in a course rather than waiting for some life changing door to open to me. Some times you’ve got to pry open that door covered in cobwebs.

On the movie making side of things, technology is just the devil. My premiere was coming up with weird 23.976 fps timecode that didn't match the feature length and so I uninstalled it and tried downloading it again to find that Adobe got rid of their old versions of everything. Then I talked to Apple who were like "we don't update anything before 2015", so suddenly my perfectly working 2009 laptop is useless and I can't edit anything on it. SO THEN... my mum buys a brand new mac laptop for herself and I re-download premiere but the same timecode issue is happening, so I download final cut and resolve and they all show the wrong timecode too. If you can help, please do. My film is 01:19:34 but on 23.976 timecode it is 01:19:29. What is this bull? Anywho, since I assumed the problem was me, I went ahead and did all my cue sheets with the 01:19:29 timecode because it's the only timecode I could realistically draw from. Anyway, now my pal in the USA has a hard-drive and is trying to download all my deliverable files (so that I don't have to use untrustworthy air mail) but the files are not downloading. COME ON! So technology is the worst and tech companies should stop bringing out new stuff and let my laptop reign supreme forever.

In other news, the cinemas are opening up again soon. Thank goodness, May needs her $8 therapy from Toombul Shopping Centre at least once a week. I'm looking forward to Mulan and to crying in dark empty rooms with usually only 1-2 people around. Also universe, more Will Smith and The Rock movies please!!! They really help. I also finished a weird Russian book called 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' and the 'Five Love Languages' book. The Russian book was pretty interesting although it was pretty philosophical and a lot of its content focussed on mistresses and adultorors which was a put off. The love languages book was a really quick read and to my surprise "gift giving" is my third love language. I thought it was higher, but I guess I just like giving prezzies. My love language is quality time, which is why my friends might get a talking to if they are on their phones constantly around me and my second love language is acts of service, because I love when people change the bin or cook me dinner. What an absolute treat. Unfortunately the book was focussed on working things out with your husband, of which I do not have. So I picked a long standing crush and just imagined our marriage together and I can say, without any accuracy at all, that we will be getting a cleaner.

Dating wise, Covid is a great excuse to not get out there and to be honest- I'm pretty brutal on dating apps. I might swipe right once in a session and then forget for a whole month that I even have it. Also... I just hate dating, I want long cuddles and that's about it. I tried to get an old time flame to get moving on our long awaited date, but he seems to be lacking any drive for it. Then my long standing crush, is severely friendzoned and I don't know how to bring him out of the brink. I placed him really securely in the zone back when I was 18 and now at 28, I feel like I can't do anything different. Also, I'm scared to because it means losing a friend and/or being rejected. Oh and I shaved my hair so I think I'm the most unattractive person I've been since my year nine school photo.

All in all, no goals achieved this month so maybe end of June's the ticket (although I did give blood and that's a bucket list thing). Stay safe and donate to injustices around the world people.

Much love,


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