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First Semester done... Seven to go

That's right folks, I did it! I passed all my subjects and only managed to get a 'credit' for the Social Work class which I have to do 16 units on. Clearly I picked a degree that works with my strengths... not. Regardless, I'm happy. I started a degree and I'm 1/8 through this whole thing. That wasn't so hard, right!? Shout out to my university friends, Maddy and Matt, who got me through COVID thanks to secret messages during zoom tutorials.

The biggest and the greatest news that has happened in the past month is that Zombie Bro is finally signed to a distributor. Number one 2020 goal accomplished! They just have to go through all my deliverables and then kaboom! they can sell the film to anyone they please for the next eight years. As a first-time filmmaker, I am pretty chuffed with myself. Especially because I only imagined it going as far as a few film festivals. But this difficult, challenging and quite expensive learning experience into sales and distribution has been amazing. I'd just like to say that I had the most incredible entertainment lawyer throughout the whole process. When I highlighted the very first contract - David translated every single line so that I could understand. What a gem! Looking forward to making the next few films with him on my side. Now just for some funding and for Toni Colette to get involved.

In other news, a lot of social issues were brought up at the start of June. Black Lives Matter exploded all across the world and the COVID Pandemic ramped up to new heights. I spent a lot of it just as a spectator of sorts. I was a little confused when acquaintances became over-night human rights activist, some were people I would assume regularly have negative thoughts towards people of colour, and some seemed to join the fight so that they could use nasty slurs and troll others. I donated but aside from that, I felt pretty helpless and like I was a tiny speck in the universe that was unable to contribute to any change at all. As for COVID, I'm aware of its magnitude but instead of reading statistics daily and getting upset, I am choosing to pay more attention to my inner self. Lots of spiritual podcasts with "Super Soul Sundays" by Oprah and guests, lots of gardening and a bit of reading as usual. My most recent book "A Life Less Lonely" by Nick Deurden was a great help. It gave examples of organisations that help people feel less isolated and alone. It inspired me to check out the volunteer opportunities that are available in my area. This Thursday, I have an interview with CPL because of it. If I get the volunteer position, I will be teaching drama classes to a group of disabled students. Fingers crossed!

Lastly, I did get a bit chubby this year. I've never had so many people say "have you put on weight?". Come on... obviously, I have noticed. You do not have to point it out!

Anyway, I am currently on week 4 of working out 6 days a week. Mondays I swim, then yoga, then cycling, then cardio, then long walks and a big run on Saturday before a rest day on Sunday. I'm still fat. But my sister said it takes 12 weeks to notice a difference. If you have any tips, please let me know. I've been to bounce, a roller-skating track and will be trying out boxing in the next few weeks, so all suggestions are welcome.

Before I go, I also read "Cloud Atlas", Deepak Chopra's "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes" and a true crime story called "Cries in the Desert". Shame on you, David Parker Ray, and all your associates for what you did. "Cloud Atlas" was a shit show and the movie was even more of a mind-bender, so do yourself a favour and don't do either. The superhero book, I had higher hopes for but the true-crime book was just tantalising. But I do have an obsession with crime shows and in high school, I was obsessed with Patricia Cornwall, so obviously I was going to love it. As for movies, the best one I watched this last month was "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga". So many great one-liners like "the elves went too far" and autotuned Will Ferrell was just a laugh. Go watch it.

If you are not into comedies, a far more compelling and informational film is "13th". It's a documentary by Ava DuVernay (Selma, When They See Us) about race inequality in the United States. A really good watch that will continue into a 2-hour discussion about social issues with whomever you watch it with.

Next months goals are to... 1) buy an ipad, install a sketching program and get to work on the Canada Travel Bugs books, 2) keep getting fit 3) start semester 2 at ACU and 4) start planning my Queensland road trip.

Hope you are all safe and continue to support one another,


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