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It's the start... of something new!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Gong Xi Fa Choi to you & all of your family. Welcome to February! This months blog is all about change. The first is that I am now officially enrolled in Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. Number five on my goals list. I never thought I would go back to study but alas here I am. Check out my student card. So legit! I'm hoping this Certificate will be able to get me a entry level position in social work working with Foster kids and/ or kids who have experienced Domestic Violence. I can also get an au pair/ nanny job in Canada with it!

I've also moved out from my parents house for the second time in my life... and this time with my sister and her daughter. And to New Farm (so trendy). Does this mean I'll be heading out more? Definitely. I'm looking forward to more intoxicatedly fun nights. Perhaps now that I'm mid 20's I won't throw up as much. :) In Zombie Bro news... THE PICTURE LOCK IS COMPLETE! I REPEAT! THE PICTURE LOCK IS COMPLETE! My movie can finally move forward onto sound editing. Something I know nothing about but by the end of this epic journey might have a slight clue. I'm still on the hunt for a Colour Grader up in Brisbane but I have locked in a Sound Editor and my brother is on his way to completing the soundtrack for the movie. So yippee! I'm also still quite terrible at keeping up the promotion though. Who knew posting a BTS picture a day would be so hard for me to achieve?!

I have begun back on the self test chain... and already I am behind :S But you can check out my YouTube page and every week there will be a new self test up. Here's one I did from Suits earlier in the year with my good pal, Mansoor Noor.

I've been enrolled in the Tom McSweeney Masterclass at The Warehouse Workshop. It is the first class I have done since 2015 and somewhere along the way, I lost it. Being on top of all things self test. The habits have come back... very theatrical, too handsy, body positioning towards camera, crazy eyelines... WHAT HAVE I BECOME?! But don't you worry. I'm on top of it... hence the 8 week course. Also it's not all that bad, the other night one of my classmates said I have a "distinctive voice". I've never heard that before but I love it. And lastly, The Crate - a short film by a dear friend, Andy Sutton has had it's premiere and will start heading to festivals starting from now. I am in the movie, but I don't think anyone would be able to pick up on it. I do a nice voice cameo with the lines "Good Morning John". Perhaps it is the start to my voiceover career... or a message from Andy that I don't look good on screen. Either way I am very excited to share it with you once it's done circulating the globe. He's a heaps talented Director and to show you some of his work... Check out The Army Within (that I am in) below.

And that's all for now! Thanks for keeping up with my life so far.

Stay tuned for more big changes in 2017.

xx May

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