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It's December ALREADY?!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Before I go off into my usual spiel... a big congrats to David Ouch, whose just graduated from WAAPA Musical theatre and Emily Gruhl, who has graduated QUT Fine Acting. Proud of you guys and WELCOME TO SYDNEY! Now… I read a book. Which is quite normal BUT this book is titled ‘The Hollywood Survival Guide for Aussie Actors” by Kym Jackson. I HIGHLY recommend it. My acting guru of a friend Matthew Greenlaw gave me his copy and I have the majority of the book highlighted and with notes written in it. Not only is all the information vital and so bloody helpful… but the way Kym writes just shows she’s a genuine lovely woman and one day (maybe in the not-so-distant future) I hope to meet her. Get a copy. Do it!

And from the book comes a lot of things I have to do before I’m off to L.A. 1. Showreel (or Demoreel). I updated my showreel and only then found that the great footage I have of me is always crying, screaming and playing a serial killer. Exactly my type right… WRONG! So I invested the help of Ryan Thomas, Bali Padda and Kristina Moschella and last Monday we shot two short comedic scenes. Think Kristen Wigg in ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Girls’. I’ll post it in the Footage tab once I get it all back. 2. I joined Australians in Film. Unfortunately that adds another annual fee to my ongoing acting cost… but such is this life. 3. I’ve been practicing my US accents. My standard US is impeccable but as for my New York accent… well let’s just say I have A LOT of work to do. 4. Do everything else… But what else have I done this November?

I’ve been to a few castings… will find out the outcome in the coming weeks (or never). I’ve done two videos for the web, one for a fair-work company and the other for a medical awareness company. I also went home to Brisbane for my best friends 22nd birthday and got to catch up with everyone there.

I got new photos! Some by the lovely Kristina Shapranova (have a look above) and some by another talented individual named Enita (I don’t have these yet). Oh how I love photoshoots!!! I did a workshop called ‘The Heart of Drama’ with Faith Martin. Not so much acting based… more of a way to live your life. It was all about finding a balance between pain and pleasure, and not regretting any choices in life because in the end it all happens for a reason. Faith is also a very beautiful and warm person.

I caught up with some of my old Brainstorm buddies at our Xmas party last night. Got to hang out with the wonderful Jenny Johnson, Pete and stormers John, David and James. :)

I also did a comedy gig at Comedy on the Edge to a full crowd. Woo! This set was about how cats and men are very alike and how I can have neither… for I am allergic and forever unlucky in love.

But what's next…

Well I wrap shooting for Pop-Up this week. We are finally shooting the movie within the movie ‘Bloodgate’. Lots of blood and a long, exhausting night shoot to come. 

I am also in the works of a short called ‘Puppy Love’ which is inspired by the movie ‘The Artist’ and I couldn’t be more excited to play a more romantic and light-hearted character. And that’s it… for now! I hope everyone has a very safe and beautiful Christmas and an epic New Years celebration!

Much love. Me.

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