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I've Completed my First Feature Film

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

It's June yeah! Halfway through 2018 and eight months into my Canadian visa. What's the hap?

It is finally done done done and the trailer is up. Watch it above! The website is up. Check it out! And it has been submitted into FIVE major film festivals already. I'm on fire! Although cast and crew will be able to get a sneak peek of the whole movie, YOU will have to wait till it gets screened at a festival. But it's great... so don't worry, that opportunity will definitely come sooner than you know it (or at least I hope so). | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | Feel free to share/ like/ follow/ do all you can to get my first time filmmaking adventure off the ground. Got leads to press? Connect me! Got a huge social media following? Give ZB a shout out. Every little bit counts when this small fish has to go swimming with the big sharks!

What else? I mean, does there really need to be anything else. No! Because the ZB news is exciting enough. But, because you have come this far, I will tell you more. First up, I watched BAIT AND SWITCH, the short where I fall for a catfish, and it is hilarious. So funny, that I watched it three times in the first sitting, kept rewinding bits and laughed so hard that I started coughing copious amounts of more laughter. I cannot wait till it gets picked up by festivals so that I can attend and start my puppet-porno career.

I also had my first PRINT casting ever. Yeah guys, I'm a model now too. Ha! I was nervous, I didn't know how it would go. After waiting fifteen minutes I went in and said my name. I smiled, the photographer took a snap, I showed them my hands, snap, I pretended to laugh on a phone, snap... and then they said thanks for coming. A truly unsatisfying feeling. The casting probably went for less than a minute. I took my heels off, bought myself a coffee and tried to make the forty minute trip to-and-from feel worth it.

And then crazy thing, I got a second audition (not for that one... that sure was misleading). The next day, I had my first SERIES LEAD audition. Guys, this was it, my first leading role that would get me to my next leading role, which would bring me to my next leading role playing Leonardo DiCaprio's daughter. All I had to do was be deadpan. So (not) me. And for once, it wasn't a self-tape - it was a real life shit-your-pants-waiting-in-the-waiting-room-experience. I said "hello" in my most bubbly May-esque attitude, something I've been told to tone down in the past. Shit. She asked if I wanted to "slate for my first scene", "slate for my first scene?", "I said sit". Shit. I sit, I do my first take, she stops me half-way "way too intense". SHIT SHIT SHIT. I throw out everything I practiced, do my best deadpan, forget a line because of it and get out after the three scenes. Overall, I would say it was an excellent experience. I don't regret a thing and I couldn't have done it better. Good for me. Also, my best friend had a baby! A baby girl to be exact! And it is so exciting! And due to privacy and all those pedos out there, I cannot post a picture... but she is goddamn cute and I wish I could be in Brisbane to smell her. That's what people do right? Smell babies.

That's all from me for now friend-dittos. Don't forget to click on my ZB links and check it all out. See you in July for my next update. xx May

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