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How Many Goals Have I Checked Off?

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

It’s halfway through the year which means I should be halfway through my 2018 goals, right? WRONG. Out of the 31 goals (7 of which are life goals - so no biggie), I have only scratched off five. Am I panicking? No… well maybe a little. But don't you worry... I have been getting up to other things, read about them below! First up! I had my second commercial casting in Toronto for a comedic ad where I played a 16 year old. And to my surprise, I got a callback and then *drum roll* I was put on hold. Which means it’s between me and another actress and/or they just need to finalise shoot dates. I didn’t get it. But it made me realise that maybe this imposter visa doesn’t immediately eliminate me from the competition. It was for a potato food brand, and I’ll be real with you, I eat a lot of potatoes. My face sells carbs.

I also had, on the same day as the callbacks, two self-tapes through my agent. Shock horror! I finally felt a little like that actress who said “I’m sorry I’m not prepared, I’ve just had four auditions today” back when I was a reader for a casting director in Sydney. One was for a Cinema ad where they required singers and the other was a paying spoof video on recycling. I haven’t heard back from those two yet but fingers crossed. I have also had in-depth conversations with a distributor about Zombie Bro. Just when I thought it was over, turns out I need to save a heap more cash to get this thing sold. We had a stereo mix done by the wonderful Oscar Jemmott, but to get ZB into distributors hands, it also has to have M&E tracks and 5.1 Surround Sound. So… lucky tax time came around because I’m now paying a sound design company to revamp the mix and deliver the goods. So when I said Zombie Bro was finished, I really meant that post-production never ends and your budget is all a lie.

In Zombie Bro news! We have a fully functioning website with piccies, bios, press kits and the trailer. So head over and give it a looksie. If you like, and I trust you immensely, I might even share a link to the whole film for your perusal. If you have any leads to press, send me a DM, I really am a first time filmmaker (meaning I don’t really know what I’m doing).

Did I ever mention a screenplay about handball I'd written? I recently came across a show called Hardball that is being financed with the assistance of Screen Aus, Create NSW and ABC. Sounds awesome, sounds like something I’d write, sounds like something I’ve already written. Now, I’m not calling anyone thieves here, I’m just outlining that it is quite sad seeing something like yours being made, and not being apart of it. My feature script Game On, is pretty well summed up by this article (aside from character names and a different location). Maybe in a few years, when I have the money, I’ll be able to make my own version.

Aside from acting news, it was Canada day on July 1st and Maddy and I celebrated a lot. We went to a parade and got free henna, we saw racoons at the Toronto Zoo, we pet stingrays at the aquarium, we took boomerangs inside the CN tower and best of all, we walked through the same hallways that the cast of X-Men have walked through at Casa Loma. Come to Canada folks, you won’t regret it.

And in my personal life, I have been spending time with a very special lady by the name of Esme. We do everything together; the Science Centre, the pool, the library, dance to the soundtracks of Despicable Me and Hotel Transylvania. She’s four and I’m having the greatest time nannying her. When I’m not with her, I’m watching the Bachelorette (Becca, please don’t choose Garrett), working at the Bean and Baker Malt shop, and somehow getting over a heartbreak.

That’s all for now, hope you get all of your tax back and see you for the next blog in August. xx May

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